The Avid Reader February 2010
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There is more to a person of size than size alone. Why then does it seem that in the world of fiction, fat always has to have an agenda? When a character is described as overweight, it virtually always seems to be accompanied by a moral, or seen as a character flaw, or used as an introduction to the primary struggle of the book. In a society increasingly populated by larger people, will the device of fat in fiction ever stop carrying so much weight?

Read on. The Skinny on Fat in Fiction
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cm_mmc=nl-_-nl-_-r00-ar1002A-_- Life of Pi
by Yann Martel

Four Stars Reviewed by Amy

This capturing tale of Pi is a story about so many things, and yet nothing at the same time, resulting in one of the greatest reads I've had this year. Pi's family decides...

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Collectible Colm Toibin

Colm ToibinIreland's author and former journalist Colm Toibin is a rising star in the book world. The past decade in particular has seen the novelist in high demand at lectures and signings. His latest novel, Brooklyn, received much critical acclaim and won the Costa Fiction Award for 2010.

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A Calliope of Carnival Books

Carnival BooksFrom Rio de Janeiro to Venice, Louisiana to Germany and many other places, Carnival parties are celebrated by a wealth of different nations, each with its own unique twist on the theme. But all are colourful and beautiful, and many books have been published on the subject.

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Draft Copies: Books About Drink

Draft CopiesIt's no secret that many authors are drinkers. Some embrace and imbibe, others struggle for sobriety. And of course, on either side of the fence, they write about the experiences. As a result, there are many books about booze - from mixing drinks to making your own beer to how to give it up, for good.

Draft Copies
2009's Top 25 Bestselling Signed Books

AbeBooks is the world's best source for finding and buying signed books. Our list of the bestselling signed books of 2009 provides a cross-section of the year's major literary events and books that captured the imagination of countless readers.

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Most Expensive Sales of January 2010

January's top 10 list is all over the map, from a Jesuit geology specialist, to a book of anatomical drawings of horses, journals from an African hunting trip and more. As usual, the most expensive sales list for the month is a fascinating cross-section of collectible interest.
  1. Mundus Subterraneus
    Athanasius Kircher - $10,000
  2. The Anatomy of the Horse
    George Stubbs - $9,000
  3. African Game Trails: An Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-Naturalist
    Theodore Roosevelt - $8,125
  4. Original sketches
    J.K. Rowling - $8,075
  5. Linda Tressel
    Anthony Trollope - $5,500
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"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." - JORGE LUIS BORGES
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