The Avid Reader January 2009
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Romance vs. Erotica, featured article

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» Most expensive sales in December

Valentine's Day! There'll be love, romance, and probably some sex and erotica too. Love and sex are integral to literature and always have been. From Homer's Iliad to Stephenie's Twilight, stories about people getting together, splitting up and making up are page-turners.

This Avid Reader is devoted to understanding the many facets of love and sex found in books. So put away that copy of the pop-up Kama Sutra, shove The Joy of Sex under the bed and meet some experts.

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The Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo The Pin-Up: A Modest History by Mark Gabor
Sin Chained by Clyde Allison Untamed by Merline Lovelace
Romance vs. Erotica

We talked with bestselling author Mary Roach, whose most recent title, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Sex and Science, brings sex out of the bedroom and into the laboratory for a closer look.

Joining her are the owners of Seattle-based Alta-Glamour Inc., both sexologists, who have been selling books, specializing in erotica and sex, on AbeBooks for a decade.

And with her take on love, sex and the written word is prolific, popular romance author Merline Lovelace, hot on the trail of her next book from Harlequin.

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Louis Braille's 200th Anniversary Learn More


Unusual Bindings

Unusual BindingsRanging from absolutely affordable to extravagantly expensive, here are some of the most unusual bindings found on AbeBooks, from eelskin and ivory to goatskin and gold.

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Bestselling Books of 2008

RBestselling Books of 2008With Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth topping the list, and self-help and inspirational titles dominating the bunch, see AbeBooks' bestselling books of 2008.

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Signed Bestsellers in December
  1. A Mercy
    Toni Morrison
  2. A Most Wanted Man
    John Le Carre
  3. Netherland
    Joseph O'Neill
  4. Indignation
    Philip Roth
  5. 2666: A Novel
    Robert Bolano
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Legend of Literature: PG Wodehouse

PG WodehousePelham Grenville Wodehouse, or Plum to his friends, was an enormously popular comic novelist with a career spanning more than 70 years. His tales of Jeeves and Wooster still captivate readers today and he remains one of the 10 most searched for authors on AbeBooks year after year.

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Most Expensive Books Sold in December
  1. Gedenkweerdige Brasiliaense Zee-en Lant-Reise
    Johan Nieuhoff - $6,849
  2. Security Analysis
    Benjamin Graham - $6,000
  3. Le Capital
    Karl Marx - $5,795
  4. Atlas Shrugged
    Ayn Rand - $5,750
  5. Cezanne
    Duret, Mirbeau et al - $5,600
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - ALBERT EINSTEIN
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