The Avid Reader January 2010


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One of the joys and drawbacks of being an avid reader is the book pile. When it gets too low, we become anxious we'll run out. When it gets too high, we become anxious we'll never get through it. There are books that we thoroughly enjoy and pass along, books we forget (or even resent as a waste of time) upon finishing, and beloved, dog-eared books who reappear in the pile again and again.

But what of the books we just never get to? You know the ones - they rise to the top of the pile, only to be reshuffled to the bottom, and eventually moved out of the pile entirely, to be relegated to the dreaded shelf. There they sit, tangible, papery reminders of our failures, gathering dust and moths. Why do we buy them? Why don't we read them? After much discussion and pondering, we've narrowed it down to the ten most likely culprits. Enjoy!

Remaining Unread - The Top Ten Reasons We Don't Get to Certain Books
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White Teeth
by Zadie Smith

Three Stars Reviewed by Beth

White Teeth is Zadie Smith's first novel, and that's why I'm recommending it; I think for a first novel it is absolutely tremendous. The characters of Samad and Archie and their families are so vivid...Read the whole review

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2009's Top 25 Bestselling Signed Books

AbeBooks is the world's best source for finding and buying signed books. Our list of the bestselling signed books of 2009 provides a cross-section of the year's major literary events and books that captured the imagination of countless readers.

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Most Expensive Sales of 2009

Our monthly most expensive sales lists always turn up a delightful mix of books and our year-end list is no different. Here are the top five most expensive sales on AbeBooks in 2009:

  1. Della Magnificenza ed Architettura de'Romaniand Osservazioni sopra la Lettre de M. Mariette
    by Giovanni Battista Piranesi - $17,000
  2. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass and And What Alice Found There
    by Lewis Carroll - $14,377
  3. The Dark Tower Series
    by Stephen King - $14,000
  4. YA-WAE PA-HU-CAE E-CAE AE-TA-NAE E-TU-HCE WA-U-N A-H A. Original Hymns in the Ioway Language
    by William Hamilton & Samuel M. Irvin - $13,500
  5. Dreams from My Father
    by Barack Obama - $12,500
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Most Collectible Books of the Decade

With the opening decade of the Millennium now over, AbeBooks has compiled a list of the most collectible books published between 2000 and 2009. Classify these books as hyper-modern first editions. It usually takes a long time, sometimes decades, for a book's value to be determined but these treasures became collectible in a hurry.

Collectibles of the Noughties

"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." - JORGE LUIS BORGES
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