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If you're wanting to escape the summer heat in an air conditioned movie theater, but are worried about not being able to read in the dark, opt for a compromise: use our Books to Film guide to find movies that are based on brilliant books. You can also take an armchair safari with books on Kenya, discover more Lost Classics, and check out our most expensive books sold in June.

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In New Books

The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman
The World Without UsWhat would happen to the Earth we've created if we were suddenly taken out of the picture? Weisman projects a future where our extensive infrastructure has disintegrated, and the lasting mementos of humanity are not those we might have chosen.
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Shadow of the Silk Road, Colin Thubron

Shadow of the Silk Road With origins stretching back several millennia, the ancient Silk Road trade route has acheived near mythic status. Colin Thubron took eight long, arduous months to retrace the steps of some of the earliest adventurers and entrepreneurs.

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In Rare and Collectible Books

Out of This World: Collecting Space Exploration

From Fine Books & Collections: The extraordinary history of space exploration, including humankind's first breathtaking steps off of our planet, has naturally been recorded in books, many of which are now highly collectible.

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The Most Expensive Sales of June

Detail from Hieronymous Bosch's "Ship of Fools"Led by A Ship of Fools, the list of most expensive books sold on AbeBooks in June is as full of fascinating and irreplaceable titles as always, from Beckett to the ever popular Tabernaemonatnus. Peruse June's 10 most desirable books.

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In Used Books

Lost Classics: Book Reviews by Fine Books & Collections Magazine

First BloodFor July's Lost Classics, Fine Books & Collections highlights retrieves a trio of non-fiction works, including First Blood, that hold histories and ideas too important to ever be forgotten. Learn more about a discounted subscription to Fine Books & Collections.

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Author Interview: Richard Gwyn

Deep Hanging OutRichard Gwyn has been homeless, hungry and a true vagrant. Now, hes one of the UKs brightest up-and-coming authors and part of a new generation of writers emerging from Wales. He talks with AbeBooks about the true meaning of 'deep hanging out.'

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Community Corner

Books of the World Series -Kenya

Brazil: The Earth Greenery

This month, take a literary journey to Kenya with a selection of books to delight every sense.

Take me to Kenya

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June's Bestsellers

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

There's nothing quite like an AbeBooks bestseller list. Where else would The Revolution Will Not be Televised, John Trippi's impassioned work on power, democracy, and the internet, rub shoulders with the fun and whimsical Dangerous Book for Boys ?

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