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Summer reading. We love it. So much so, we've devoted a whole new section of our site to it, from beach books under $10 to the summer's hottest new releases. We're also embarking on a literary trip around the world! For the next six months, we'll 'visit' a new country each issue. First stop: the heat and passion of Brazil. And, of course, don't forget to check out last month's most expensive books sold!

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In New Books

Signed Copies of A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini

A Thousand Splendid SunsA Thousand Splendid Suns, the newest release from the author of critically acclaimed book The Kite Runner made it straight onto AbeBooks' May bestseller list, and you can still get your hands on a signed copy!
New From Only $14.28
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A Woman in Charge, Carl Bernstein

A Woman in Charge Throwing your hat into the presidential race is a sure fire way to attract biographers. In A Woman in Charge Carl Bernstein has thoroughly traced Hillary Clinton's extensive and extremely memorable political career.

New From Only $16.70
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In Rare and Collectible Books

Visit a Garden of Collectible Delights

The editors of Fine Books & Collections magazine take us on a leisurely stroll through the history of collectible gardening books, presenting a selection of rare botanical volumes that will grace any library.

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The Most Expensive Sales of May

Heinrich MayrAbeBooks is proud to be listing some of the finest books in the world. Now as a regular feature of the Avid Reader we'll share with you the most valuable books sold in the previous month. Enjoy the best kind of window shopping!

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In Used Books

Lost Classics: Book Reviews by Fine Books & Collections Magazine

The Sea and the JungleFine Books & Collections presents another trio of nearly forgotten masterworks. The Sea and the Jungle recounts a 'wild ocean crossing by sail,' at the turn of the century. Plus: learn more about a discounted subscription to Fine Books & Collections.

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Nancy Drew Hits the Silver Screen

The Secret of the Old ClockEvery girl's one-time best friend is reinventing herself for a new generation as she hits movie theaters this summer. As far as we're concerned though, young adventurers should be spending those lazy summer afternoons up in a tree with a copy of a classic Nancy Drew mystery!

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Community Corner

Books of the World Series -Brazil

Brazil: The Earth Greenery

Literature, food, art, natural beauty - the world has a lot to offer and books can bring it all right to your armchair. This month we bring you a selection of some of Brazil's most enticing bibliographic offerings.

Take me to Brazil!

In following issues, we'll tour India, Australia, Kenya, Denmark, and Thailand, so be sure to join us on our round-the-world journey!

Author Interview
- Chuck Palahniuk


Chuck Palahniuk, the man behind Fight Club delves deep inside the twisted inner-workings of his newest release, Rant.

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