The Avid Reader November 2009
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Vampires in Literature

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From Twilight's Bella and Edward to Sookie Stackhouse, fiction readers can't seem to devour vampire lore fast enough. But while some may think the fanged fiends were invented by Anne Rice, the reality is that vampires in one form or another have been lurking in fiction for hundreds of years, with references in the 1700s and earlier. Over the years, and in the hands of various authors, the details have wavered: some are psychic and feed on life force rather than blood, while some drink their victims dry and move on. Some can transform into bats, some can fly, and some possess supernatural speed and strength. Many modern, sensitive bloodsuckers suffer internal struggles of remorse and humanity. But regardless of the rules, one thing is for certain - the literary world loves a vampire.

A Brief History of Vampires to Sink Your Teeth Into

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The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan The Omnivore's Dilemma
by Michael Pollan

4 star Reviewed by Shaun

This book came as a recommendation from a friend. I try to eat well and eat home cooked food where possible. I thought this book might help me make better decisions about how best to feed my family. I had no idea that it would turn me against... Read the whole review

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Collectible Photo Books in the Rare Book Room

Photography books from some of the world's greatest masters behind a lens become extremely collectible. Our list of the 10 most collectible photography books of all time includes a collection of images of Paris at night, a compilation of photographs of American gas stations, a book of documentary photography from South East Asia, and more.

10 Most Collectible Photo Books

Jules Verne

Most people have read (or at least heard of) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Five Weeks in a Balloon and Journey to the Center of the Earth. But what about The Archipelago on Fire, Among the Cannibals, and Child of the Cavern? With 65 novels, over 20 short stories, a decent selection of non-fiction and multiple translations of them all, Jules Verne has all the adventure and science fiction you could ask for.

Collectible Jules Verne

Rare Book Cellar Sale

Rare Book Cellar, located in Pomona, New York, has discounted its books for sale on AbeBooks by 20%. A seller with AbeBooks since 2001, Rare Book Cellar offers more than 18,000 books for sale. They specialize in collectible modern first editions, medical books, scientific books, philosophy, religion, classic literature, poetry, illustrated books, as well as advanced and uncorrected proofs, and award-winning books. Sale ends November 9th.

Rare Book Cellar Sale
Bestselling Signed Books for October 2009
  1. Wolf Hall
    Hilary Mantel
  2. The Children's Book
    A.S. Byatt
  3. Return to Hundred Acre Wood
    David Benedictus
  4. Let the Great World Spin
    Colum McCann
  5. The Lightning Thief
    Rick Riordan
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Most Expensive Signed Sales in October 2009
  1. The Hobbit (1956 edition)
    J.R.R. Tolkien- $6,500
  2. Planet Plane
    John Beynon (aka John Wyndham)- $3,187
  3. The Talisman
    Peter King & Peter Staub- $2,500
  4. Inscribed Photograph of Lon Chaney Sr.
    - $1,850
  5. Daido Moriyama: The Complete Works
    Daido Moriyama, Gerard Malanga & Shomei Tomatsu - $1,705
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"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." - JORGE LUIS BORGES
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