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Art and literature are a natural pairing. When they merge into one form with sumptuously illustrated books on artists and their works, the result is timeless objects that delight both mind and eye. This month, we focus on art books while also reflecting on the 70th anniversary of The Hobbit, the scariest characters in literature and the beauty and warmth of Thai culture.

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In New Books

Giving, by Bill Clinton
GivingBill Clinton's new book is a call to action that focuses on how organizations and individuals can solve problems locally and globally. In Giving, people are urged to do what they can, no matter how small.
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The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks

The Choice The Choice, the newest release from Nicholas Sparks, delves into the emotional turmoil that runs through even the most peaceful and seemingly stable marriages. A small town story of expansive and consuming love, written with skill, warmth and sincerity.

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In Rare and Collectible Books

Art in the Book

Sphinx's Guide to Questionable AnswersArtists have been producing illustrated books for centuries, from illuminated manuscripts to livres d'artiste. Fine Books & Collections presents an overview of rare and beautiful artists' books off a wide variety, including Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall.

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The Most Expensive Sales of August

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm A beautiful copy of The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, with its 40 mounted colour plates, was an impressive addition to this month's list. See August's 10 most expensive sales.

Rare Book Room | August's Most Expensive Sales

In Used Books

Lost Classics: Book Reviews by Fine Books & Collections Magazine

Black RainReleased in 1966, Masuji Isube's account of Hiroshima, Black Rain, was awarded every major literary prize in Japan. Fine Books & Collections re-introduces us to this and other important works. Learn more about a discounted subscription to Fine Books & Collections!

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The Bestsellers of August

Their Eyes Were Watching GodAugust sees Harry Potter lose his grip on AbeBooks' bestseller list. A wide selection of titles, including Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, replaces all but two of JK Rowling's series.

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Community Corner

Reading Copy

Books of the World Series: Thailand


As we in the northern hemisphere sense summer slipping away, the warmth of Thailand seems even more appealing. Hold on to the heat a bit longer with a selection of books on Thailand.

Take me to Thailand

The Hobbit Turns 70

The Hobbit was published 70 years ago marking the beginning of JRR Tolkien's magical and enduring world, Middle Earth.

Find out more about The Hobbit.

AbeBooks Poll:
Scariest Characters in Literature

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Choosing the scariest characters in literature is a daunting task - so we thought we'd ask your opinion! There many are different types of scary characters in books, and in each case the author's skill has been used to conjure fear in the imagination of the reader. Learn more here.

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