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EbooksEbooks, or electronic books, are digital files containing books that can be read on a variety of electronic devices including computers, laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablets like the iPad and electronic devices dedicated to reading called ereaders (Kindle, Nook, Kobo etc).

For students, ebook textbooks (or etextbooks) are becoming a popular option because they are cheap and convenient. Those heavy textbooks no longer have to be carried to class – every book is on the laptop or ereader. Without any printing costs, publishers can offer etextbooks at lower prices than physical textbooks.

Ebooks are delivered over the Internet, so they are cheap, fast, and easy. Although AbeBooks is famous for supplying cheap textbooks, there are also a growing number of booksellers offering etextbooks on the site.

Please read the bookseller’s description carefully so you know what format you will receive and how it will be sent to you.

Most booksellers will email your ebook directly to your email address but some sellers will send you a physical CD containing your ebook. Double check the delivery method before purchasing. Some publishers are beginning to bundle ebooks with textbooks, this is ideal if you want physical and electronic copies.

Ebooks come in a variety of file formats including PDFs. The format that you require will depend on the device you wish to read on, before you make your purchase be sure to confirm that the format being offered is compatible with the device(s) that you plan to read your ebook on.

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