It’s easy to save money when you buy used textbooks at AbeBooks. Students can save up to 50% off the list price when they buy new and used textbooks online. University textbooks are expensive so students appreciate any way to save on those expensive science, math, and economics textbooks. Even literature books are cheap here, so be sure to check us out.

Students spend much time reading university textbooks so it’s hard to pick up any other kind of book. However, AbeBooks is here to help students find those books to lighten up the heavy reading with some laughter.

Bathroom Reading:

Want something short to read in between assignments? These books give your head a break from intense studying. Read them yourself or give them as gifts!


Uncle John’s Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader




Books for the Plane:

The Mediterranean Caper by Clive Cussler




Have a laugh Ė Cartoons:

These books will tickle anyone’s funny bone and help stressed students appreciate the lighter side of life.


The Mediterranean Caper by Clive Cussler




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