SparknotesCollege life should not mean having to go through the 280 pages of To Kill a Mockingbird on Saturday night just because the English teacher needs a paper on his desk by Monday at 9:00am (even if he actually gave out the assignment a month ago).

Enter Spark Notes

Spark Notes (or Sparknotes) is the college studentís answer to working smarter, not harder. Sparkís study guides are wildly popular resources that will help student understand books, study for exams and write that paper thatís been put off for weeks.

Spark Notes started as literary guides and from there they have expanded to cover history, math, biology and many among other subjects.

Sparknotes editors, experts in their fields, claim to never omit important information and encourage students to read the guides along with the textbooks or books they summarize. They also encourage students to draw their own conclusions and use their own words when writing papers based on Spark Notes study guides.

Nonetheless, the study guides have provoked quite a bit of controversy among college and school teachers that call them a cheating tool and claim students use Sparkguides as a replacement for reading assignments.

Besides Sparknotes, there are a number of other study guide publishers that are always willing to lend a hand to college and school students on their path towards academic excellence. Some examples are Cliffís Notes and Kaplan.

If you canít wait now to get that 80 pages Sparknotes guide to To Kill a Mockingbird, you can find it (and buy it) here.

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