AbeBooks and TextbooksRus are pleased to offer a quick and convenient textbook buyback service so you can sell textbooks after you have used them. It's easy to use:

  1. Click the button below to visit the textbook buyback site.
  2. Enter the ISBN(s) of the textbook(s) you wish to sell.
  3. Instantly find out how much we'll pay.
  4. If you accept our offer, simply print a shipping label (we'll even pay for it - no postage is necessary if mailed in the US) and mail your textbook(s).
  5. Repeat the process!

* Canadian students - Learn more about AbeBooks' Canadian Buyback program.*


Sell your used textbooks

AbeBooks and TextbooksRus have teamed up to save students even more money. You can save up to 50% off the list price when you buy used textbooks through AbeBooks, but you can also sell your books for cash through our buyback program.

Why sell back your books through AbeBooks and TextbooksRus?

  • Earn cash for used textbooks you don’t need anymore
  • Free UPS or FedEx shipping on your books
  • Payment by check or PayPal once the book is received
  • Processing is fast and payment is quick
  • Your textbook buyback quote is valid for up to six weeks

Used textbook buyback FAQs:

When is the best time to sell used textbooks back to AbeBooks?

AbeBooks and TextbooksRus buys back used textbooks throughout the year. Typically most students sell their college textbooks through early August and September and then again at the end of December and also April.

How much will I receive for selling my college textbooks?

How much you get when you sell textbooks relies on demand and whether it’s in use again at any school in North America. So try to sell them back as soon as possible in the season before classes begin.

TextbooksRus buys back over one million titles, which is the largest textbook buyback catalogue on the web, so they can almost always make an offer.

What types of textbooks will you buy back?
TextbooksRus will buy back new and used college textbooks, instructors’ and teachers’ editions as well as international editions.

What kind of condition can my textbooks be in?

Used textbooks must be in good condition. Your textbook can contain highlighting, notes and markings. However it must have a good cover with no torn or missing pages.

Are there textbooks you will not buy?

TextbooksRus will not buy library books or custom editions at this time. If your textbook has your university name printed on it then it’s a school-specific textbook that can’t be sold back.


Sell your used textbooks