An Album Of Our Trees A Guide to Assisting the Young Nature Student and a Permanent Record for the Preservation of Leaves
An Album of Our Trees
Unknown, 1930 - sold

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From their gnarled roots and twisted trunks to their far-reaching branches and leaves, trees have long been a popular subject of art and design. Metaphorically, they can represent growth, patience and permanence. In terms of contemporary design, they've come to often symbolize the green movement toward more ecologically and environmentally sound choices. But mostly, they're just beautiful, and have graced book covers for centuries.

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25 Beautiful Tree Books

A Witness Tree by Robert Frost
A Witness Tree
Robert Frost

This copy: $75.00

Familiar Trees (3 Volumes) by G.S. Boulger
Familiar Trees
G.S. Boulger

This copy $179.55

The Thread of Gold by Arthur Christopher Benson
The Thread of Gold
Arthur Christopher Benson

This copy $29.00

Our Friendly Trees by Barbara Briggs
Our Friendly Trees
Barbara Briggs

This copy $27.65
The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy
The Singing Tree
Kate Seredy

This copy $40.66
The Chinaberry Tree by Jessie Fauset
The Chinaberry Tree
Jessie Fauset

This copy: $5000.00

Practical Tree Repair by Elbert Peets
Practical Tree Repair
Elbert Peets

This copy $45.00

The Casuarina Tree by Somerset Maugham
The Casuarina Tree
Somerset Maugham

This copy $250.00

The Mango Tree by Margaret Hamilton
The Mango Tree
Margaret Hamilton

This copy $40.00
The 1929 Christmas Tree Annual by Cecil Aldin et al.
1929 Christmas Tree Annual
Cecil Aldin et. al

This copy $91.25

The Secret at Lone Tree Cottage by Carolyn Keene
The Secret at Lone Tree Cottage
Carolyn Keene

This copy: $125.00

Brookline's Trees by Emma G. Cummings
Brookline's Trees
Emma G. Cummings

This copy $35.00

Lone Tree by Harry Leon Wilson
Lone Tree
Harry Leon Wilson

This copy $150.00

Forest Trees of the Pacific Coast by Willard Ayres Eliot
Forest Trees of the Pacific Coast
Willard Ayres Eliot

This copy $20.00
A Tree with a Bird in It by Margaret Widdemer
A Tree With a Bird in It
Margaret Widdemer

This copy $225.00

The Oak-tree Fairy Book by Clifton Johnson
The Oak-tree Fairy Book
Clifton Johnson

This copy: $300.00

The Hole in the Tree by Ernest Aris
The Hole in the Tree
Ernest Aris

This copy $228.52

Christmas Eve at Swamp's End by Norman Duncan
Christmas Eve at Swamp's End
Norman Duncan

This copy $128.99

Southern California by John Steven McGroarty
Southern California
John Steven McGroarty 1914

This copy $99.75
The Nutmeg Tree by Margery Sharp
The Nutmeg Tree
Margery Sharp

This copy $79.00

The Olive Tree by Aldous Huxley
The Olive Tree
Aldous Huxley

This copy: $75.00

Trees of Heaven by Jesse Stuart
Trees of Heaven
Jesse Stuart

This copy $400.00

Boots at the Holly Tree Inn  by Charles Dickens
Boots at the Holly Tree Inn
Charles Dickens

This copy $81.61

Little Journey to the Homes of the Great by Elbert Hubbard
Little Journey to the Homes of the Great
Elbert Hubbard

This copy $100.00
The Planter of the Tree by Ruby M. Ayres
The Planter of the Tree
Ruby M. Ayres

This copy $125.00

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