There's nothing better than a reading recommendation from someone in the know. The Because You Read® section pulls together reading recommendations and book reviews from AbeBooks' customers to help you find your next page-turner. The average AbeBooks' customer is a true bibliophile with vast knowledge of literature. They have read everything from Dickens to Dostoyevsky and Fleming to Fitzgerald.

These Because You Read® selections come from the heart and will help you fill your bookshelves for years to come.

Our Customers Recommend:

The Life of a Book Club: 20 Years and 146 Books Later The Life of a Book Club: 20 Years and 146 Books Later

A Victoria, BC book club that has been meeting since 1995 shares the secret to running a great book club. Read their entire reading history and learn which books resulted in the best club discussions.

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What the Bookselelrs are Reading What the Booksellers are Reading

When it comes to books, the true experts are booksellers so we asked a group of them to share what they're reading. Their tastes stretch from Czechoslovakia to a post-apocalyptic world and the law courts of London.

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