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Kurt Vonnegut

The Complete Science Fiction Asbestos Collection
Limited edition, asbestos-bound copy of Fahrenheit 451, signed by Ray Bradbury and Firestarter, signed by Stephen King.

The Complete Science Fiction Asbestos Collection offered by The Fine Books Company

Fire may have been one of mankind's greatest innovations, but what it giveth in warmth, light and cooking, it taketh away in power and destruction. Without a doubt, fire is a book's natural enemy.  Nothing gives a red-blooded bibliophile the creeps more than the mention of book burning.  Which, perhaps, is why Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 strikes such a responsive chord among book lovers.  The task of protecting your books from fire (along with light, moisture, silverfish, and shelf-wear) can be quite vexing, which is why books like these are so amazing.

The Fine Books Company of Rochester, Michigan has bundled together the complete fireproof science fiction collection; limited first edition copies of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 and Stephen King's Firestarter, both bound in an asbestos material. Not even fireman Guy Montag himself could easily burn these babies (not that he would want to, having finally discovered the joy of reading...).

The asbestos Fahrenheit 451 edition was limited to 200 copies, all signed by Bradbury, and the copies of Firestarter, signed by King, were a limited lettered edition of only 26 copies making this combined set quite a rarity indeed.

Books on Fire

Handwritten fire house log books and journals
Fire Department Daily Logs

Handwritten log books detailing the daily activities of various fire departments.

Fire Station Design offered by the Circul-Air Corporation
Fire Station Design
Circul-Air Corporation

A symposium of ideas, plans, and sketches for better housing of fire fighting equipment and personnel.


Fire House - a Real Fold-out by Leo Manso
Fire House
Leo Manso

A fabulous novelty book that sets up to form 2 sides of a burning house and 2 interior views of a fire house.


The Little Fireman by Margaret Wise Brown
The Little Fireman
Margaret Wise Brown

A sweet and creative children's story of a fireman who rescues 15 ladies and makes it home to finish his ice cream.


Various Small Fires and Milk by Edward Ruscha
Various Small Fires and Milk
Edward Ruscha

Images of a blowtorch, lit matches, a gas stove burner, cigarettes, a highway flare, and finally milk.

Fighting the Flames: A Tale of the Fire Brigade by
R.M. Ballantyne
Fighting the Flames: A Tale of the Fire Brigade
R.M. Ballantyne

A work of fiction founded on facts, this book attempts to convey a correct general idea of the working of the London Fire Brigade.

Fire! The Mascot by Paul Brown
Fire! The Mascot
Paul Brown

Fire the Dalmatian dog was the mascot of Engine Company No. 1.  Paul Brown was a volunteer fireman for years and wrote this book to tell the story of these brave people.

Fire Laddies ABC
Fire Laddies ABC

Nice turn-of-the-century firefighting alphabet book with gorgeous cover and illustrations alongside the verses.

The Book of Model Fire Engines by Wallace Rigby
The Book of Model Fire Engines
Wallace Rigby

Make your own authentic scale models from die-cut parts in color. The child can assemble fire engines and a fire house to use with a host of other figures.

Fire Fighting by John J. McCarthy
Fire Fighting
John J. McCarthy

A practical guide for firemen and auxiliaries. Includes incendiary bombs and other war problems.



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