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The Tequila Cook Book by Lynn NusomWhether it is beer, wine or hard liquor, cooks have been pouring booze into the mixing bowl for centuries and coming up with memorable dishes that have a little something extra.  However from 1920 until 1933, the 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution made the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol illegal in the U.S.  Rum runners were racing across he borders in an effort to keep the speakeasy’s jumping and organized crime made millions off the nations thirst for alcohol.  Even though the law was eventually repealed some counties remain dry to this day, including Moore County, Tennessee, home of the world famous Jack Daniels distillery.

Now 75 years after prohibition was repealed (5 Dec 1933) the use of alcohol has spread from the bar to the kitchen.  To celebrate the world’s finest combo – that’s eating and drinking –  we recommend 10 alcohol-themed cookbooks.

To wet your whistle here is a recipe provided by The Tequila Cookbook by Lynn Nusom and Golden West Publishers:



If you tire of the heavy red wine taste of coq au vin – or just want something different try this method using the tequila which makes for a lighter taste.

2 medium CHICKENS, cut into serving pieces,
2 Tbsp. coarse (Kosher) SALT
1 cup all-purpose FLOUR
1 tsp. ground BLACK PEPPER
¼ cup plus 3 Tbsp. OLIVE OIL
¼ cup BRANDY
1 can (12 oz.) V8® JUICE
2 cups TEQUILA
1 cup WATER
3 ONIONS, quartered

Soak chicken in water to cover with salt for ½ hour. Rinse under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels. Put flour, pepper and chile into a paper sack or plastic bag and shake the chicken pieces to coat them. Heat ½ cup of oil in a heavy Dutch oven and brown the chicken. Warm brandy, pour it over the chicken and ignite it. When the flame has died down, add the V8, tequila and water and cook, over medium heat, for 45 minutes until the chicken is tender.

In a frying pan heat remaining oil and sauté onion quarters for 5 – 7 minutes,add the mushroom caps and continue cooking until mushrooms are tender. Arrange cooked chicken on a platter, arrange onions and mushrooms around it, ladle some of the sauce* over it and serve at once.

* If the sauce is not thick enough to your taste – make a roux with 2 Tbsp. of butter and 2 Tbsp. of all-purpose flour, and stir the liquid from chicken into the roux. Reduce the heat and cook for 3 – 4 minutes, whisking occasionally. Serve over the chicken. Serves 4 -6.

Top 10 Alcohol-Themed Cookbooks:

The Tequila Cook Book by Lynn Nusom

The Tequila Cook Book: Sensational New Recipes for Cooking with Tequila

Lynn Nusom

Start with Sautéed Tequila Prawns or add a little extra zing to your Guacamole.

The Vodka Cookbook by John Rose

The Vodka Cookbook

John Rose

From Chilli con Vodka to Glazed Confused Chicken, vodka can tenderize meat or lower your dishes boiling point to prevent curdling.

Cooking With Caribbean Rum by Laurel-Ann Morley

Cooking With Caribbean Rum

Laurel-Ann Morley

Chocolate Rum balls, Rum-Ginger sauce, and Caribbean Chicken are just some of the things you can make with this Caribbean favourite.

Cooking With Scotch Whisky by Rosalie Gow

Cooking With Scotch Whisky

Rosalie Gow

Scottish cooking with the most Scottish of drinks.

Cooking With Beer Season by Season by Ken Birch

Cooking with Beer Season by Season

Ken Birch

Summer BBQs and winter Soups, Birch also includes ideal beers to serve as a beverage with each meal.

The Wine Lover Cooks With Wine: Great Recipes forthe Essential Ingredient by Sid Goldstein

The Wine Lover Cooks with Wine: Great Recipes for the Essential Ingredient

Sid Goldstein

Learn how different wines work best in different styles of cooking from poached fish to dark, rich reductions.

Cooking with Jack The New Jack Daniels Cookbook by Lynne Tolley

Cooking with Jack The New Jack Daniels Cookbook

Lynne Tolley

Go beyond the bourbon ribs to see what this Tennessee titan can really do.

Glorious Liqueurs: 150 Recipes for Spirited Desserts, Drinks, and Gifts of Food by Mary Aurea Morris

Glorious Liqueurs: 150 Recipes for Spirited Desserts, Drinks, and Gifts of Food

Mary Aurea Morris

Grand Mariner Pound Cake and Amaretto Fudge Cheesecake will be a hit at dessert.

The Spirited Vegetarian: Over 100 Recipes Made Lively with Wine and Spirits by Paulette Mitchell

The Spirited Vegetarian: Over 100 Recipes Made Lively with Wine and Spirits

Paulette Mitchell

Creamy ale salad dressing, Sherried Mushrooms, Sangiovese Tomato Sauce.

The Champagne Cookbook: Add Some Sparkle to Your Cooking and Your Life by Malcolm Herbert

The Champagne Cookbook: Add Some Sparkle to Your Cooking and Your Life

Malcolm Herbert

Soup, salads, fish and fowl all livened up with Champagne.