For years, AbeBooks has put literature on your shelves, but from April 1st we will deliver romance too. Introducing BiblioCupid - our new dating service for lonely lovers of literature where AbeBooks matches customers according to their taste in books. BiblioCupid uses a specially designed love algorithm that matches bibliophiles according to their purchases on AbeBooks. Although the exact algorithm is a strict business secret, it incorporates preferences for particular genres, authors, publishers, illustrators, bindings, new or used, and other key elements important to bookish folks

More than 600 AbeBooks' customers took part in a successful six-month pilot program and two couples - brought together by BiblioCupid - have recently married. Ideal for lonesome librarians, avid readers who don't get out much, and bibliophiles devoted to their book collections, BiblioCupid is now available to any AbeBooks customer.

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BiblioCupid Success Stories

Biblio Cupid Testimonial Image

Sebastian Defoe & Stacey Spillane (pictured left) were married in February, 2012 just three months after being introduced through BiblioCupid. Sebastian is a garbage collector in Cleveland, Ohio, while Stacey is an accountant for a sausage factory in Brooklyn, New York. "At first AbeBooks tried to match me with someone who liked Danielle Steel, but I like Dostoyevsky so that wasn't going to work," said Sebastian. "AbeBooks then told me about Stacey and I knew she was the girl for me - she adores Thomas Hardy. We love chatting about really depressing books."

Stacey said: "I always thought I would meet the man of my dreams through books. Before I discovered BiblioCupid, I would visit bookshops and libraries, and check out the talent by the fiction shelves but no-one ever caught my eye. Although Sebastian and I both like the same sort of intense classic literature, I love him because he only buys hardbacks. I could never go out with someone who buys paperbacks. A hardback is rugged and built to last and that's how I like my books and my men."

Biblio Cupid Testimonial Image

Bruce Blyton & Annabel Michener (pictured right) were married in March 2012 - they were the second ever couple to be matched by BiblioCupid. "I was smitten as soon as I heard Annabel arranges her bookshelves by color," said Bruce, who is a self-employed puppet designer in Los Angeles. "I always look at the bookshelves when visiting someone's house. Organized bookshelf, organized mind - that's my motto. I organize my own bookshelves by original publishing date and sometimes I test visitors to see if they can tell me when The Last of the Mohicans was first published."

Annabel, who works in a dog grooming boutique in Seattle, Washington, said: "I picked up a color chart from a local paint store and began using it to order my books. I put the primary colors on the lighter side of my apartment and the pastel colors on the darker side. After the BiblioCupid introduction, we exchanged photos of our bookshelves and then agreed to meet in a library in San Francisco. It was so romantic - Bruce said he'd be standing in the fiction section with a copy of Gone With The Wind. Next month, Bruce is moving to my apartment and the only problem we have is how to successfully merge our book collections."

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