A Literary Bucket List

We’ve selected 21 reading categories that run the gamut from ‘A Book by an Inkling’ and ‘A Book by Jane Austen’ to ‘A Weird Book’ and ‘A Graphic Novel’. What does Miss Austen have to do with a book about how to goblinproof a chicken coop? Not much, honestly, but that’s the amazing thing about literature, isn’t it? The world of books is vast but most readers will stick to a small corner of it. We challenge you, book lovers and bibliophiles, to explore a little further with our literary bucket list.

Step 1: Starting with ‘A Science Fiction Book’, click through each category and take a look at the listed titles.
Step 2: Have you read one? Great! Cross the category off your list.
Step 3: Read one that isn’t mentioned? Cross it off and tell us what we missed.
Step 4: Coming up empty? Pick a book and read it!

Comment below and tell us how many categories you can cross off our literary bucket list. We challenge you take it one step further and tell us how many books you’ve read from each category.

A Science Fiction Book
A Historical Novel
A Signed Book
A Bohemian Book
A Book by Jane Austen
A Banned Book
A Post-Apocolyptic Book
A Graphic Novel
A Book About Betrayal
A Boxed Set
A Book by an Inkling
A Novella
A Deliciously Designed Food Book
A Black and White Book
A Weird Book
A Cult Book
Sultry Pulp Fiction
A First Edition
A Leather-bound Book
A Book Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
A Book by Rudyard Kipling

How many categories you can cross off our literary bucket list? How many books?

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