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London Art Deco: A Celebration of the Architectural Style of the Metropolis During the Twenties and Thirties by Arnold Schwartzman

London Art Deco

by Arnold Schwartzman

The style that subsequently became known as Art Deco came to prominence at the Paris Exposition of 1925. This is a survey of London's rich trove of Art Deco treasures, which features photographs of landmark buildings like the Savoy Hotel and the Hoover factory, department stores, cinemas and theatres, underground stations, and other buildings.

Modern Architecture

Collecting Architecture: A Brief Overview

by Webb Howell

The history of architecture is perhaps also the history of human evolution. The process of taking note of form and function is, in essence, a kind of survival of the fittest that is applied to structures.

Architects and Their Books by Jo Steffens

Architects and Their Books

Unpacking My Library provides an intimate look at the personal libraries of twelve of the world’s leading architects, alongside conversations about the significance of books to their careers and lives.

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The Fellowship: The Untold Story of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship by Roger Friedland and Harold Zellman

Secrets & Scandals

Frank Lloyd Wright was renowned during his life not only as an architectural genius but also as a subject of controversy-from his radical design innovations to his turbulent private life, including a notorious mass murder that occurred at his Wisconsin estate, Taliesin, in 1914. But the estate also gave rise to one of the most fascinating and provocative experiments in American cultural history: the Taliesin Fellowship, an extraordinary architectural colony where Wright trained hundreds of devoted apprentices and where all of his late masterpieces-Fallingwater, Johnson Wax, the Guggenheim Museum were born.

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The Father of Architecture, Le Corbusier: