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The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks by Lin Wellford

Weird Craft Books and Weird Hobby Books

Think you're into strange crafts? Are you certain your hobby is the strangest? You should peruse the AbeBooks Weird Book Room. With titles like The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks, Jurassic Towel Origami, and Successful Muskrat Farming, how can you feel anything but normal? Not odd enough for you? What about The Practical Pyromaniac, A Popular History of British Seaweeds, or the ever-popular Soap Through the Ages. See? Your hobbies are downright run-of-the-mill. You're welcome.

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Vintage Portugal travel poster

Collecting Vintage Travel Posters

Is your hobby collecting travel posters? Do you scour travel agencies for unique and gorgeous promotional posters for tropical or exotic destinations? These vintage travel posters are a dream come true for you. The early to mid 20th century was a remarkable time for graphic design, and these vintage travel posters are now highly sought-after by collectors, particularly original copies in good condition.

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