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Thérèse Raquin by Emile Zola

Required Reading Worldwide

AbeBooks Staff

Have you ever wondered what kids in other parts of the world had on their high school reading curriculae? there are so many excellent books for that age group - do kids in Portgual read John Steinbeck? Does To Kill a Mockingbird find its way into the hands of teenagers in Belgium? We asked around the office (we have a pretty diverse, international staff), and put together a list of just some of what we read in high school.

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Editor's Pick

Teaching English Language Learners by Carol Rothenberg

Teaching English Language Learners: A Differentiated Approach
by Carol Rothenberg

Are you looking for a methods book to facilitate literacy and academic development in your K-12 classroom? Building on a solid foundation in language acquisition and learning theory, this book will show you how to examine your own practice and design lessons that consider the individual needs of English language learners and accelerate their achievement.

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French for le Snob

French for le Snob

Yvette Reche Staff

Learn how to use French words with impeccable pronunciation; Details and defines over 2,500 French terms now part of the English lexicon; Spice up your conversation with colourful French expressions; The search for le mot juste is over!

French for le Snob

Everyday Japanese: A Basic Introduction to the Japanese Language and Culture

Everyday Japanese: A Basic Introduction to the Japanese Language and Culture
by Edward A. Schwarz & Reiko Ezawa

More than just a phrase book, more than just a travel guide, Everyday Japanese is a completely illustrated introduction to both the language and culture of Japan. Whether you're planning a vacation or business trip to Japan or studying its language and culture, you won't want to be without this compact and useful book!

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