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Ian McEwan

Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart

Fame can be achieved in many places - on stage in front of thousands, on the silver screen surrounded by stars and starlets, in the push and shove of politics, or in the boxing ring where there is no place to hide. We have dived deep into our millions of listing and found signed books from people who have tasted fame - sometimes for much longer than Andy Warhol′s 15 minutes.

From the man who opened at Woodstock and an actress who won four Oscars, to boxers who traded punches with Muhammad Ali and a peanut farmer turned president, here is a selection of books signed by men and women who took their turn in the spotlight.

They Performed at Woodstock

Jerry Garcia of The Greatful Dead - J. Garcia, Paintings, Drawings and Sketches
J. Garcia, Paintings, Drawings, and Sketches
Jerry Garcia
The Grateful Dead

David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Long Time Gone
Long Time Gone
David Crosby
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Neil Young of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Greendale
Neil Young
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Grace Slick of Jefferson Aeroplane - Somebody to Love? A Rock and Roll Memoir
Somebody to Love? A Rock and Roll Memoir
Grace Slick
Jefferson Aeroplane
Richie Havens - They Can't Hide Us Anymore
They Can't Hide Us Anymore
Richie Havens

They Won Multiple Oscars

Katharine Hepburn - Me: Stories of my Life
Me: Stories of my Life
Katharine Hepburn

Bette Davis - The Lonely Life
The Lonely Life
Bette Davis

Jane Fonda - My Life So Far
My Life So Far
Jane Fonda
Michael Caine - What's It All About?
What's It All About?
Michael Caine

They Boxed With Muhammad Ali

They Called the White House Home

Jimmy Carter - Living Faith
Living Faith
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan - An American Life
An American Life
Ronald Reagan
Gerald Ford - A Time to Heal
A Time to Heal
Gerald Ford
Bill Clinton - My Life
My Life
Bill Clinton

They Appeared in The Longest Day (The movie based on Cornelius Ryan's book)

Henry Fonda - Fonda: My Life
Fonda: My Life
Henry Fonda

Robert Mitchum - Them Ornery Mitchum Boys
Them Ornery Mitchum Boys
Robert Mitchum
Sean Connery - Being a Scot
Being a Scot
Sean Connery
Richard Burton - A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story
Richard Burton
Roddy McDowall - Double Exposure
Double Exposure
Roddy McDowall

They Played with the Rolling Stones (Musically and otherwise*)

They Were Girlfriends of Warren Beatty

They Have Been Dracula

Leslie Neilsen - The Naked Truth
The Naked Truth
Leslie Nielsen
George Hamilton - Don't Mind if I Do
Don't Mind if I Do
George Hamilton
Christopher Lee - Tall, Dark and Gruesome
Tall, Dark and Gruesome
Christopher Lee
Duncan Regehr - The Dragon's Eye
The Dragon's Eye
Duncan Regehr

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