Comics author Scott McCloud

“Google Chrome” became one of the most popular search terms on following the launch of Google's open source Internet browser, Google Chrome, in September 2008. Along with the browser launch, Google released a comic book. The comic was created by Scott McCloud, a leading American cartoonist famous for his science fiction series Zot!, and it effectively served as the press release for Chrome. McCloud's work is much loved and can be collectible.

A panel from the comic introducing Google Chrome

Copies of the comic were accidentally sent out early and scanned versions rapidly appeared on the Internet forcing Google to move forward the official launch. Their value would depend on the number of copies distributed by Google and condition. Demand clearly exists; four-figure prices would be possible.

Google - headquartered in Mountain View, California - was only incorporated as a privately held company 10 years ago on 8 September 1998 but it has had a massive influence on the business world and popular culture. Even language has been affected with ‘google’ becoming a verb.

Although there are a number of Google-themed books for developers, hackers and online advertisers, very few titles examining the history and development of this trendsetting technology company have been written. However, David Vise’s The Google Story and John Battelle’s The Search provide interesting insights into Google’s birth and rapid rise into a superpower of search.

Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack is a highly recommended read for an alternative take on Google’s brave new world. A ‘Googlewhack’ is a Google search query consisting of two words that returns just one result. Gorman is a British comedian who became obsessed with Googlewhacks. As well as the Googlewhack book, he also created a stage show around the online phenomenon.

More books about Google:

Googlewhack by Dave Gorman Moby Dick by Herman Melville The Search by John Battelle google: The Missing Manual by Sarah Milstein