Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, illustrated by Tasha Tudor
Little Princess
Illustrated by Tasha Tudor
Original signed water color which originally appeared in the 1963 Lippincott edition of Frances Burnett’s Little Princess

Tasha Tudor began her life as Starling Burgess. Born in Boston in 1915, her parents were a portrait painter called Rosamund Tudor and a naval architect named W. Starling Burgess. A fan of War and Peace, her father re-named his daughter Natasha and this author/illustrator eventually adopted Tudor as her last name simply because she liked the sound of Tasha Tudor.

A true traditionalist at heart, Tudor was not an admirer of modern ways and lived her life according to the same basics found in many of her books. She raised her family in a farmhouse that had no television, radio, or electricity, and used oil lamps for light. She spun flax into her own clothing, raised goats for their milk and even outfitted her homes with Victorian furniture and tools.

Her stories maintained this Victorian feel and Tudor had amazing success with this style. In a career spanning 65 years, she wrote or illustrated more than 100 works, the first of which was Pumpkin Moonshine in 1938 - the story of a small girl who sets out to find the finest and largest pumpkin in order to make the most perfect jack-o’-lantern. Her final publication was Corgiville Christmas in 2003, the third story set in imaginary Corgiville where corgis, cats and rabbits are getting ready for Christmas.

Because of her longevity and fame many of Tudor’s books are highly collectible. Some of her early books such as Amanda and the Bear and Alexander the Gander are now out-of-print so copies in good condition often sell for more than $100. At the high end, a first edition or a signed copy of one of her more famous titles usually fetches upwards of $500 and any original artwork usually sells for well into four figures.

Tasha Tudor

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