‘To so and so from so and so.’ That’s how the majority of run-of-the-mill author inscriptions read but dig a little deeper and it’s possible to find some gems. Check out these interesting inscriptions found on books and photographs for examples of Chuck Palahnuik’s humor, Robert Frost’s creavity, Hunter S Thompson’s weirdness, Stephen King’s wisdom, John Steinbeck’s world weariness and doodles from a stripper who fell in love with a Governor.

Inscribed original photograph of Ernest Hemingway

Photograph of Ernest Hemingway

inscribed by Hemingway

"This was before I got sick. Note the freckles. Tell umpster to give ein kiss to Papa."

Scribners used this image on the later printings of The Sun Also Rises.

Inscribed & signed Muhammad Ali Photograph

Photograph of Muhammad Ali knocking out Joe Frazier

inscribed by Ali

"To Steve from Muhammad Ali. Love is the net, where the hearts are caught like fish."

Ali beat Frazier in a 1974 rematch after losing to Frazier in 1971’s ‘Fight of the Century’.

Cujo inscribed by Stephen King


inscribed by Stephen King

"Words of wisdom: A dog as big as Cujo was nothing to get screwing around with. Not unless you wanted to spend the rest of your life wiping your ass with a hook. Best wishes, Stephen King 6/22/89."

A 1981 first edition.

Barrel Fever inscribed by David Sedaris

Barrel Fever

inscribed by David Sedaris

"Women. They'll suck the f**king paper off a joint, but when old Papa Bear needs a little BJ action….” David Sedaris"

A 1994 first edition, first printing of Sedaris’ debut collection of short stories. Sedaris is well known for lively signing events.
Raise the Titanic inscribed by Clive Cussler

Raise the Titanic

inscribed with drawing by Clive Cussler

"Get it up ! Clive Cussler 10-63."

Accompanied by hand drawn picture of a sinking liner. A 1976 edition of this popular adventure novel.

Casino Royale inscribed by Ian Fleming

Casino Royale

inscribed by Ian Fleming

"To Ralph. We have now both reduced our remainders by one copy! Ian." Ralph Arnold was Fleming’s publisher. Arnold has written: I having told Ian, from the depths of my publishing experience, that he would be lucky if he made £200 out of this, his first thriller!! R.A."

A 1953 first edition.
Seducing the Demon inscribed by Erica Jong

Seducing the Demon. Writing for my Life

inscribed by Erica Jong


"17 May 06 For John Updike with admiration Erica Jong."

Updike’s glowing New Yorker review of Jong’s debut novel, Fear of Flying, launched her career. Updike said her writing had "class, sass, brightness, and bite."

Doctor Fisher of Geneva inscribed by Graham Greene

Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party

inscribed by Graham Greene

"For Sean Connery with all good wishes (from Madrid airport) from Graham Greene. "

A 1980 first edition. Did they just bump into each other at the baggage carousel?