Long before IMDB and YouTube, film studios promoted movies on posters and pieces of heavy stock paper known as lobby cards. As movie production took off in the early 1900s, what's known as the Golden Age of movie posters was born. According to West Hollywood film ephemera dealer Walter Reuben, early movie posters, often illustrated with bright colors and bold design, inspired the creation of lobby cards, a smaller, more durable alternative to their large and flimsy predecessors. Typically measuring 14x11", lobby cards were displayed and distributed to movie-goers in theaters. Printed in sets of eight to 12, the cards featured various iconic scenes of the film, or colorful illustrations of the movie title and the names of leading actors and actresses. Lobby cards are rarely seen today, but remain highly sought after by collectors of movie ephemera.

The selection of lobby cards on AbeBooks is expansive, including cards for silent films, sci-fi thrillers, and mid-century romances. The selection below celebrates the Academy Awards - each lobby card features an Oscar-nominated or Oscar-winning film.

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