A Werewolf Among Us by Dean R. Koontz

A good story never dies, but the same cannot be said for books.  Every year thousands of books go out-of-print and yet many of them deserve wider exposure. AbeBooks has chosen 25 books we would raise from the dead and reprint if we were a mad scientist. Our reasoning is that demand remains strong for this selection of literature as we see buyers scouring the world’s used and rare booksellers.

Running the gambit of fiction and non-fiction, it is bemusing to see that an indispensible manual like The Principles of Knitting or the insanely fascinating alien world of Luigi Serafini’s Codex Seraphinianus ever fell out-of-print.  How can a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel like Allen Drury’s Advise and Consent be out-of-print? Shouldn’t Salvador Dali’s quirky cookbook be available to all food lovers? How can Johnny Cash’s autobiography be out-of-print when interest in his music is as strong as ever?

Books to Bring Back Into Print

A Treasury of Great Recipes by Vincent and Mary Price

A Treasury of Great Recipes
Vincent and Mary Price

A collection of recipes from the ‘King of Creep’ himself, who was also a gourmet cook in his spare off-screen time.

Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini

Codex Seraphinianus
Luigi Serafini

Written in its own, yet to be decoded, language, it contains artwork of a fantastic alien world.  The book has been in and out-of-print in various countries world for years.

Marilyn: A Biography by Norman Mailer

Marilyn: A Biography
Norman Mailer

This book was controversial because Mailer claimed Monroe was killed by the FBI and CIA who resented her supposed affair with Robert F. Kennedy.

Masquerade by Kit Williams

Kit Williams

An illustrated children's fantasy puzzle book that created a craze in the UK as readers tried to decode the book’s message and find a buried golden hare.

Sun Moon Star by Kurt Vonnegut

Sun Moon Star
Kurt Vonnegut

Children’s literature written by Vonnegut and illustrated by Ivan Chermayeff, this story describes what baby Jesus saw when he first opened his eyes.

The Bed Book by Sylvia Plath

The Bed Book
Sylvia Plath

This charming children’s story was published posthumously in 1976 and is comprised of a whimsical poem about a magical flying bed.

A Werewolf Among Us by Dean R. Koontz

A Werewolf Among Us
Dean R. Koontz

An early but forgotten work from Koontz, who began writing in the 1960s.

Promise Me Tomorrow by Nora Roberts

Promise Me Tomorrow
Nora Roberts

Romance queen Nora Roberts has made it clear that she does not want this book back in print, but how can she deny her loyal fans?

Advise and Consent by Allen Drury

Advise and Consent
Allen Drury

This political novel places a former member of the Communist Party in the position of Secretary of State for the USA and won the Pulitzer in 1960.

The Dali Cookbook by Salvador Dali

The Dali Cookbook
Salvador Dali

Surrealist spaghetti and other sumptuous treats from this infamous Spanish artist.

Beyond Backpacking by Ray Jardine

Beyond Backpacking
Ray Jardine

Whether you are day-hiking or going on an epic trek over the continent, this book reveals exactly what is necessary.

Travel by Cargo Ship by Hugo Verlomme

Travel by Cargo Ship
Hugo Verlomme

This is a fascinating insight into a type of transport rarely used by international travellers who prefer not to hurry.

Spycatcher by Peter Wright

Peter Wright

Written by a former MI5 officer, this critical memoir riled the British Government in the 1980s.

Fanny Hill's Cook Book by Lionel H. Braun & William Adams

Fanny Hill's Cook Book
Lionel H. Braun & William Adams

This novelty 1970s cookbook mixes great recipes with a lot (and we do mean a lot) of double entendre.

James Bond Girls by J.M. Paland

James Bond Girls
J.M. Paland

Full of photography. Paland was a leading light in the French Bond Fan Club of the 1980s.  The book was subsequently banned over unpaid royalties.

Man in Black by Johnny Cash

Man in Black
Johnny Cash

Walk the line with the Man in Black himself - Johnny Cash’s autobiography has been out-of-print since 1982.

Come Abroad With Us by E.P. Leight-Bennett

Come Abroad With Us
E.P. Leight-Bennett

A classic account of a railway tour of Europe described as a collection of here-and -there impressions of two innocents abroad.

The Jerusalem Bible illustrated by Salvador Dali

The Jerusalem Bible
illustrated by Salvador Dali

This Roman Catholic translation of the Bible was beautifully illustrated by surrealist artist Salvador Dali in 1970.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High by Cameron Crowe

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Cameron Crowe

The classic social experiment started as an article for Rolling Stone, then morphed into this novel and was eventually turned into a hit movie.

They Thirst by Robert T. McCammon

They Thirst
Robert R. McCammon

McCammon withdrew his four novels (including Baal, Bethany’s Sin, and The Night Boat) from print but They Thirst is top class vampire literature.

The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt

The Principles of Knitting
June Hemmons Hiatt

Last published in 1997, this is a comprehensive guide to knitting and recommended by thousands of knitters

Dark Carnival by Ray Bradbury

Dark Carnival
Ray Bradbury

Bradbury is so respected so how can this book be out-of-print?  It was his first published book and contains six excellent stories.

The Centurions by Jean Lartéguy

The Centurions
Jean Lartéguy

Lartéguy was a French journalist and ex-soldier who used the ticking time bomb scenario and ‘ethical’ torture when innocent lives could be saved.

The Quiet Earth by Craig Harrison

The Quiet Earth
Craig Harrison

Only published in New Zealand, this science fiction novel was adapted into a film by the same name in 1985.

Mutant by Lewis Padgett

Lewis Padgett (Henry Kuttner)

Novel of a despised community of telepaths hiding from society carries echoes of the Holocaust and the postwar DP communities.

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