No matter what you are passionate about, AbeBooks has books for your shelves. Our vast selection includes books for chess players, campers and hikers, lovers of fine music and devotees of photography, card players, and people who fold paper for fun. Dip into the books on offer and be educated, entertained and inspired.

  • Chess

    Simple Checkmates

    Move over Bobby Fisher. Improve upon your chess with this selection of chess books. Learn from the grandmasters including Fisher and Garry Kasparov.

  • Music

    Robert Johnson Lost and Found

    Browse fascinating books about the blues, country and western, rock n roll, punk, hip-hop and jazz. This selection will hit the right note with music fans.

  • Origami

    Fabulous Origami Boxes

    Take the art of paper folding to a new level with our selection of origami books and enjoy a pastime that has intrigued people since the 17th century.

  • Photography

    The Photobook A history Vol I

    Let us help you build a collection of photography books. From Man Ray to Robert Frank, AbeBooks offers books from the pioneers of photography.

  • Playing Cards

    Baccarat by Frank Danby

    Playing cards have been around for more than a thousand years, and publishers have used the Ace of Spades and other cards on countless cover designs.

  • Camping

    Caravanning and Camping

    There are many books dedicated to camping from the past 120 years. Browse titles from Robert Baden Powell, Ernest Seton Thompson, and other key writers.

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