With tastes ranging from art theory to Americana to classic children's literature, book collectors had a very busy year on AbeBooks.

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1. Institutiones Geometricae

Albrecht Dürer

The first of Dürer's writings on art theory; this book formalized the new attitude to artistic creation found in Italy during the Renaissance. Sold for $25,000

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2. Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler

The special deluxe version has an original painting by the American abstract artist on its cover. Sold for $20,000

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3. The Book of Antelopes

Philip Lutley Sclater

A first edition of four volumes from 1894 to 1900 featuring many illustrations by Joseph Wolf - one of the greatest animal portraitists of the 19th century. Sold for $17,500

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4. Les Horribles et Espovantables Faictz et Prouesses

Andre Derain

Derain's illustrated first edition of Francois Rabelais’ book, number 169 of 250, signed and featuring 142 hand-painted woodcuts. Sold for $17,000

5. Opere de divino poeta Dante

Dante Alighieri

A rare collection of Dante's work with woodcut illustrations and additional commentary. Sold for $14,347.21

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6. Travels to the Source of the Missouri River and Across the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

A second edition from 1815 of a highly collectible item of Americana. Sold for $12,500

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7. The Little Prince

Antoine de Saint Exupery

A signed and numbered limited first edition of the children's classic from 1943. Sold for $10,450

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8. Hypomnemata Mathematica

Simon Stevin

A set of Stevin's collected mathematical works in Latin - cosmography, geometry, statics, optics and miscellany. Sold for $9,500

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9. (tied) SMS, Collection of Original Multiples

Duchamp, Man Ray, Lichtenstein, Christo et al

A series of paper portfolios from the leading artists of the 1960s, and one of 35 deluxe copies. Sold for $9,000

9. (tied) Flower Is

Robert Frank

A signed first edition of a very rare photography book published in Japan. Sold for $9,000

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