Men Without Women by Ernest Hemingway

Two copies of Men Without Women by Ernest Hemingway made the list in August, selling for $8000 and $5000.

You can also see the ten most expensive books sold in 2007.

1. L’Abou Naddara, Journal Arabe Illustre (1878 -1884)

James Sanua

First edition published in 1878 and signed by the author.  A complete set of the first eight years of Abou Naddara issued in Paris. James Sanua was called Ya’qub Rufa’il Sanu’ in Arabic but often referred to simply by his pseudonym, Abu Naddara (father of spectacles).

Sold for $13,000

2. Biblia Latina Cum Postillis Nicolai De Lyra et Additionibus Pauli Burgensis

Anton Koberger

Printed in 1497, this is the third volume of this monumental Latin bible issued in four parts by the celebrated Nuremberg printer, Koberger. Leather-bound. The biblical text is printed in double columns in gothic type, surrounded by the commentary of Nicolas de Lyra, who contributed much to the wider understanding of the Old Testament.

Sold for $8,500

3. Men Without Women
Ernest Hemingway

First American edition printed in 1927, including first state dust jacket without review blubs on front flap.  Slip of paper inscribed by Hemingway laid in reads “To Marian Spies/ wishing her much luck/ Ernest Hemingway.”

Sold for $8,000

4. Physiologie du Gout

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

An 1826 edition of The Physiology of Taste by this famous French gastronome.  Printed in two volumes, this edition was limited to 500 copies.

Sold for $7,021

5.The Philosophical Transactions and Collections to the End of the Year 1700 (-1744).


Abridged. Edited by John Lowthorp et al. These books were a key influence in the diffusion of scientific, medical and geographical knowledge to a wide audience of readers throughout the 18th century. The contents include the writings of the greatest scholars of the 17th & 18th centuries. Volumes 1-3 cover the years “to 1700″; Volumes 4-5 to 1720; Volumes 6-7 to 1733, and Volumes 8-9 to 1744.

Sold for $6,500

6.Signed letter by Katherine Mansfield


An autographed letter to her father from Katherine Mansfield, written four months before the writer’s death from tuberculosis.

Sold for $5,414


7. Men Without Women
Ernest Hemingway

Printed in an edition of only 100 copies of which 95 were for sale in 1902. It includes beautiful chromolithographic plates by P. J. Smit of smaller and lesser known species such as the cat - Felis lybica, the foxes - Vulpes zerda, many rodents, and a new species of bat.

Sold for $5,000

8. Indigenous Flowers of the Hawaiian Islands

Francis Sinclair

Published in 1885 and containing 44 plates painted in water-colors drawn by water-color artist Francis Sinclair. 

Sold for $4,661

9= Destiny and Control in Human Systems: Studies in the Interactive Connectedness of Time

Charles Muses

Muses founded the Lion Path, a shamanistic movement. He held unusual views on mathematics, physics, and philosophy. In this 1985 book, he proposed an astrological method called ‘chronotopology,’ where he claimed could measure the qualitative multidimensional structure of time. It is out of print.

Sold for $4,500

9= Excavations at Olynthus

David Robinson

A rare full set of 11 volumes detailing artifacts from 4th and 5th century Greece

Sold for $4,500