Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling

A rare first edition, first state copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, complete with a printing error, topped AbeBooks' most expensive titles sold last month, selling for $12,874.

You can also see the ten most expensive books sold in 2007.

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

JK Rowling

First edition copy signed by JK and dust wrapper panels signed by the cover artist Cliff Wright. The first issue has a misaligned text block 'burnt (drop) so much' p.7, which is corrected in the subsequent issues. The publisher says that the errors were spotted early during the print run and amended. The vast majority of the first edition are second issue.

Sold for $12,874

2. Specimens of British minerals selected from the cabinet of Philip Rashleigh

Philip Rashleigh

Cornish landowner Philip Rashleigh formed one of the most outstanding early collections of mineral specimens (housed in the Royal Cornwall Museum at Truro) This work describes his best specimens.

Sold for $12,754

3. Peter Beard Collector's Edition

Peter Beard

Published by Tashen in 2006 this is one of a limited number of collector’s copies signed by the renowned photographer.

Sold for $10,808

4. Sexual Inversion

John Addington Symonds and Havelock Ellis

From 1897, the earliest full-length study of homosexuality and the lives of lesbian’s and gay men to be published in English or in an English-speaking country. Way ahead of its time the book revealed that homosexuality was not a disease but a way of being.  This copy signed by Ellis on the title page.

Sold for $7,500

5. Memories on the Affairs of the Jesuits

C.P. Platel

Entirely reworked and much enlarged edition of the crushing attack on the Jesuits by Abbot CP Platel, pseudinym of Norbert Parisot, or Father Norbert (1697-1769). Published 1766, Signed by P. Yver, 5 volumes.

Sold for $5,698

6. Letters from Mr. Charles Gottlieb of the Windisch

Karl Gottilieb Windisch

First French edition of the book "Briefe über den Schachspielen of Hrn. Von Kempelen" published in Basel in 1783, describing the famous chess playing automaton created in 1769 by the Hungarian engineer of Wolfgang Kempelen.   The automaton, nicknamed “Turk” for its Persian clothing was described as an artificially intelligent robot, however it was eventually proven to be hoax involving a man hidden in the suit.

Sold for $5,044

7. Recueil général des anciennes lois françaises

Jourdan, Decrusy & Isambertr

The general digest of the former French laws is a rare set of corpus of ancient Germanic and French laws in charge between 420 and 1789 compiled by Jourdan (1791-1826), Decrusy and François André Isambert (1792-1857). Published 1821-1833 in 29 volumes.

Sold for $4,663.97

8. The House at Pooh Corner

A.A. Milne

First Edition, First Impression of this 1928 children’s classics, in which Tigger makes his appearance and the game Poohsticks is invented.

Sold for $3,924

9. Miroir de la Bonne de la Mort tire passion

David de la Vigne and Romeyn de Hooghe

French illustrated edition of The Good way to Die. The impressive pictures of Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708) show the sick and dying, the suffering of Jesus in mind, including one biblical quote, and a behavioral statement.

Sold for $3,699

10. Hortus Kewensis: or a catalogue of the plants cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew

William Aiton

Sold for $3,602