George Bernard Shaw's typewriter

A rare piece of ephemera tops AbeBooks' most expensive list in October. George Bernard Shaw's typewriter, sold for $7,979.

You can also see the ten most expensive books sold in 2007.

1. George Bernard Shaw's typewriter

Along the top edge of the machine's guarantee in faded ink, Shaw had written the words "Bernard Shaw, Ayot St Lawrence, Welwyn Herts". He had also written the date, 9th Feb 1935.

Sold for $7,979

2. Oeuvres Philosophiques Latines & Francaises de feu

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Published in 1765, this first edition is a collection of Leibnitz's philosophical works in French and Latin, and contains the first printing of one of Leibnitz's most important philosophical works, his "Nouveaux essays sur l'entendement humain" (New Essays on Human Understanding), in which he attacks and refutes Locke and his "Essay on Human Understanding."

Sold for $6,496

3. The Old Man and the Sea
Ernest Hemingway

A first edition, first printing, of this classic novella published in 1952 and signed by Hemingway.

Sold for $6,000

4. The Novels and Tales of Henry James

Henry James

A first edition set of 26 volumes published 1917.

Sold for $5,999

5. A Corpus of Rembrandt paintings

Translated by D.Co

Published in 1982 in three volumes

Sold for $5,404

6. Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince

JK Rowling

First printing first issue of the deluxe edition signed by the author

Sold for $5,213

7. The Novels and The Letters

Jane Austen

Published in 1923, based on collation of the early editions by R.W. Chapman. Large paper edition limited to 1000 copies.

Sold for $4,862

8. Notes on the State of Virginia

Thomas Jefferson

First American edition of Jefferson's only book, with folding table of Indian Tribes. Published in 1788.

Sold for $4,500

9. Sein und Zeit (Being And Time)

Martin Heidegger

This is the special printing of the first appearance of the work generally considered to be one of the most important philosophical works of the 20th century and is the best known work by the German Philosopher, published 1927.

Sold for $4,450

10. Opticks: or, a Treatise of the Reflections, Refractions, Inflection and Colours of Light

Sir Isaac Newton

Published in 1730 this fourth edition was published posthumously and is the last edition to be revised by the author. The book contains information about the study of physical optics.

Sold for $3,929


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