More than one million signed books are available through AbeBooks, but which authors have the distinction of possessing the most valuable autographs ever sold in the 10 year history of AbeBooks? You may be surprised. The winner also made it to our overall Ten Most Expensive Books Ever Sold list.

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1. 1984

George Orwell

Orwell was hospitalized with tuberculosis just after the book's publication. He never left alive, so signed copies are scarce. Some were given to hospital staff – this one is inscribed "For Elly with regards, Geo. Orwell." Sold for $26,500

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2. A Farewell to Arms

Ernest Hemingway

One of 510 limited edition copies of Hemingway's second great novel. Sold for $17,500

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3. The Hellbound Heart

Clive Barker

The original typescript with handwritten corrections of the novella, which formed the basis of the Hellraiser films. Sold for $15,000

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4. The Mime of Mick, Nick, and the Maggies

James Joyce

This copy was signed by James Joyce and his daughter Lucia Joyce. Sold for $15,000

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5. The Lost Plum Cake

CL Dodgson

Who is CL Dodgson and why was his signature worth so much? Perhaps you know him by his more famous name, Lewis Carroll. Sold for $12,352

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6. I Me Mine

George Harrison

This 1980 first edition was limited to 2000 leather bound copies and signed by George Harrison. This copy is the first bound copy sent from the binder to George for binding style approval, and was returned signed and remains unnumbered. A letter of provenance is signed by the binder and dated May l980. Sold for $10,897

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7. Men at Arms, Officers and Gentlemen

Evelyn Waugh

The two sold were signed presentation copies, inscribed to Robert Henriques, a writer and political go-between who helped Waugh with the writing of sections of his 1950 novel Helena. Sold for $10,700

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8. Sylvia Plath ALS

Sylvia Plath

Four years before the publication of The Bell Jar, Plath wrote a letter in March 1959 to Constance Carrier. The letter is quite expressive and contains Plath's thoughts on a book of poetry that Carrier had authored and given her. Plath's letters are extremely scarce and sought after for their insights into her short life. This sale included the poetry book referenced in the letter, with small hand written notes by Carrier. Sold for $10,000

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9. A Clockwork Orange

Anthony Burgess

Inscribed by Burgess on the title page - "To Eric / Anthony Burgess / 29. 10. 90." Sold for $9,577

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10. Post Office

Charles Bukowski

The first edition of Bukowski's first novel, this is one of 50 numbered, specially bound copies. Sold for $8,000

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