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Special Features

AbeBooks talks to notable figures and highlights unique titles in the fascinating world of rare and collectible books.

Collecting Books of Hours

Ask the Experts

Our expert booksellers answer your questions on rare and collectible books and their care.

Ask the Experts

Book Care

Margot Rosenberg, co-author of The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New, shares book care tips.

Do Your Books Smell Their Best?

Book Care Tips from Brodart

Collector Profiles

We talk to avid collectors about their collection, how they got started, and what their greatest finds are.

Andy Ray

Bookseller Profiles

AbeBooks is home to thousands of booksellers. In each issue we profile a bookseller who specializes in rare and antiquarian books.

Jo Ann and Don of Reisler Books

More Bookseller Profiles

Pick of the Month

Our expert booksellers choose a collectible book in each issue of The Avid Collector.

Pick of the Month
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