The Secret Word is Groucho by Groucho Marx - signed copies
The Secret Word is Groucho
by Groucho Marx

A man walks into a bar. The bartender says "Hey, why the long face?" The man replies "Because I am Tonight Show host Jay Leno."

...nothing? Is this thing on?

Okay, it's hard to be funny. Most of us probably shouldn't even try. But there are those blessed, beloved gems among us who have such a knack for timing, language and humor that they can live off it. From the quirky and observational Jerry Seinfeld and the caustic and cynical George Carlin, all the way to the ridiculous neuroses of Woody Allen and the uniquely brilliant Gilda Radner, every comedian is different, and that uniqueness, the ability to stand out and be memorable is a big part of what they strive for.

What they have in common is life in the scrutiny of the public eye, a challenging schedule to make ends meet, and an unusual perspective on viewing life, to fuel their material. Gleaning bits from childhood and family, drugs, alcohol and sex are all pretty common thematic threads, as well. Regardless of background or media, be it film, stand-up or sitcom, all of these comedians have made their livings from being funny, and have put pen to paper for some hilarious and occasionally unsettling results. All of these books are autographed by the author, from as far back as The Secret Word is Groucho by Groucho Marx to Sarah Silverman's absurd and side-splittingly funny memoir The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee.

Do your sense of humor a favor and enjoy these special autographed copies of books by the people who live to make us laugh.


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