Pablo Picasso: Meeting in Montreal catalogue by Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Meeting in Montreal
Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso’s long life (1881-1973) as a painter, draughtsman and sculptor spanned two World Wars and the Spanish Civil War. He kicked off Cubism and his name will always be synonymous with avant-garde art.  The Spanish-born artist is particularly remembered for his angular depiction of five Barcelona prostitutes, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, and his stunning anti-war painting of the Guernica bombing, but his contribution to the art world is vast.

As arguably the most influential artist of the 20th century, he illustrated many books and countless books have been published detailing aspects of his art from his Blue and Rose Periods to Cubism and his later work took him around the globe. There are also numerous biographies about this man who is believed to have produced more than 50,000 pieces of art including paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, ceramics and tapestries.

With his art fetching some of the highest prices ever seen at auction, books featuring his illustrations have also become highly collectible. However, the Picasso portfolio spreads far and wide, and it’s possible to find long out-of-print books showcasing his art and fascinating retrospectives at affordable prices. One of the most revealing books about him comes from his first wife, Françoise Gilot, who wrote Life with Picasso in 1964.

Books By and About Picasso

Toros y Toreros by Pablo Picasso
Toros y Toreros
Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso by Wilhelm Boeck
Pablo Picasso
Wilhelm Boeck
Pablo Picasso: The Sculptures by Pablo Picasso, Werner Spies
Pablo Picasso: The Sculptures
Pablo Picasso, Werner Spies
Late Picasso by the Tate Gallery
Late Picasso
Pablo Picasso
Death in the Afternoon (Picasso drawing on cover) by Ernest Hemingway
Death in the Afternoon
Ernest Hemingway (cover by Picasso)
Picasso’s Posters edited by Christopher Czwiklitzer
Picasso's Posters
Christopher Czwiklitzer (ed.)
Goodbye Picasso by David Douglas Duncan
Goodbye Picasso
David Duncan
Linogravures by Picasso
Les Dames de Mougins by Hélène Parmelin illustrated by Picasso
Les Dames de Mougins
Hélène Parmelin illustrated by Picasso
Les Déjeuners by Douglas Cooper illustrated by Picasso
Les Déjeuners
Douglas Cooper illustrated by Picasso
Picasso: My Grandfather by Marina Picasso
Picasso: My Grandfather
Marina Picasso
Life with Picasso by Françoise Gilot & Carlton Lake
Life with Picasso
Françoise Gilot & Carlton Lake
Dans L’Argile De Picasso
Dans L'Argile
Pablo Picasso
Linocuts by Picasso
Pablo Picasso
Lysistrata by Aristophanes illustrated by Picasso
Aristophanes (illustrated by Picasso)

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