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Welcome to Shelfsound – AbeBooks’ daily round-up of podcasts featuring books and authors. Podcasts have been around for years now and newspapers, bloggers, radio stations and other sources make countless book-related podcasts available to the public.

Shelfsound puts the cream of the crop in one place, updates itself daily with new podcasts and makes listening to podcasts easy. You will find podcasts from the New York Times book section, The Guardian newspaper in the UK, NPR in the States including the regular reviews from librarian Nancy Pearl, major publishers like Penguin and also video author interviews from Meet The Author. We also intend to develop our own exclusive podcasts and place them on the player.

Nancy Pearl

What is Shelfsound? Basically, it is a customized podcast player that has been built especially for AbeBooks by a company called It gives visitors to AbeBooks the chance to listen to and view the most fascinating book-related podcasts from around the globe. No other book-related website offers anything remotely similar to this unique podcast system.

How does it work? Just click on the Shelfsound button and a pop-up panel will appear. You can see the list of podcasts on the right hand side. The podcast at the top of the list will automatically start playing – make sure your computer’s sound is turned on to hear the podcast. Alternatively use headphones.

Use the arrows above the main screen to switch to the next podcast or to come back to it later. Alternatively, you can click on the podcast links, queue them up (which lifts them into the one of the top three spots for playing) and then hit the 'play now' button to hear the podcast immediately. You can also use the icons above the main screen to tell us if you like or don’t like the podcast, tell a friend about a particular podcast or download a podcast onto your computer to play at your leisure.

It’s possible to fast forward through a podcast by using the bar below the main screen.

Who chooses the podcasts? AbeBooks does, but if you would like to recommend a book-related podcast to us then email your suggestion to Shelfsound automatically updates itself with the latest podcasts from the selected sources.

You will see the Shelfsound button on a variety of pages around the site – Authors’ Corner, Just Released Books, Bestsellers and the Free Shipping page are just four places where you can find the button.

We hope you enjoy this unique piece of technology.