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For a second, put aside Antony Beevor, John Keegan, Stephen Ambrose and the other popular writers in today’s military history genre and delve into the past. Countless books about conflicts, soldiering and warfare have slipped into obscurity. Many go out-of-print very quickly but our worldwide network of used and rare booksellers ensures these books can still be found. This selection of forgotten gems includes a regimental history, memoirs from combatants, books from guerilla fighters, five-star generals and an Apache warrior, and even a contribution from Mrs. Custer.

Empire of the East by Bennet Burleigh
Empire of the East: Or, Japan & Russia at War 1904-5
Bennet Burleigh

An obscure book from 1905 detailing the Japan-Russo conflict. Gilt pictorial cover.
Is War Hell - W. Charles Goe
Is War Hell?
W. Charles Goe

A long-forgotten 1947 self-published account of a navy chaplain′s experiences in World War II.
I Was Monty’s Double by M.E. Clifton James
I Was Monty′s Double
M.E, Clifton James

Published in 1955, the author′s likeness to Field Marshall Montgomery ensured a unique experience.
I Fought With Geromino by Jason Betzinez & Wilbur Sturtevant Nye
I Fought With Geromino
Jason Betzinez, W.S. Nye

Betzinez was related to the famous Apache warrior - an excellent memoir from 1959.
Mostly Alkali by Stephen Perry Jocelyn
Mostly Alkali
Stephen Perry Jocelyn

Perry Jocelyn was a frontier soldier and Indian fighter. Published in 1953 and written by his son.
A Rifleman Went to War by Herbert W McBride
A Rifleman Went to War
Herbert W McBride

Published in 1935, McBride recounts his experiences with the Canadian Corps in World War I.
The Path to Leadership by Field Marshall Montgomery
The Path to Leadership
Field Marshall Montgomery

Published in 1961, look out for copies signed "Montgomery of Alamein".
The Growth of the Red Army - D. Fedotoff White
The Growth of the Red Army
D. Fedotoff White

Published in 1944 by Princeton University Press - American analysis of Russian military might.
A History of Firearms by Major H.B.C Pollard
A History of Firearms
Major H.B.C Pollard

A comprehensive guide to weaponry first published in the 1920s.
From Harlem to the Rhine by Arthur W Little
From Harlem to the Rhine
Arthur W. Little

An amazing book published in 1936 about the Negro regiment that served in World War I.
Boots and Saddles by Elizabeth B. Custer
Boots and Saddles or, Life in Dakota with General Custer
Elizabeth B. Custer

Custer′s widow was a prolific writer and speaker after the death of her husband at the Little Bighorn.
Chemical Warfare - Curt Wachtel
Chemical Warfare
Curt Wachtel

Published in 1941, this book looks at the various gases used in chemical warfare.
The Army of the Future by General Charles de Gaulle
The Army of the Future
General Charles de Gaulle

First English version came in 1940. The French edition was 1934. It predicted mechanized warfare.
Charles W Quantrell by John P Bruge
Charles W Quantrell: A True History Of His Guerrilla Warfare
John P. Bruge

Self-published in 1923. An unreliable account of Quantrell′s gang, which included Jesse James.
Old Soldier Sahib - Frank Richards
Old Soldier Sahib
Private Frank Richards

A gem from 1936, the second of two books on WWI anonymously rewritten by Robert Graves.
Reminiscences of the Santiago Campaign by John Bigelow
Reminiscences of the Santiago Campaign
John Bigelow

Published in 1899, a professor of military science recounts his Spanish-American War experience.
History of the 2nd King Edward's Own Goorkha Rifles - L.W. Shakespear
History of the 2nd King Edward's Own Goorkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles)
L.W. Shakespear

Recounts the Indian Mutiny, an Afghan War and the Northwest Frontier - in four volumes. Very rare.
A Surgeon in Khaki
A Surgeon in Khaki
Arthur Anderson Martin

First published in 1915, the book details a New Zealander′s service in France and Flanders in 1914.
General Tommy Franks - American Soldier
American Soldier
General Tommy Franks

Not really forgotten but few people know about the Easton Press edition from 2004.
J.R. Lander - The Wars of the Roses
The Wars of the Roses
Dana Miller

This book analyzes the long-running conflict between the houses of York and Lancaster.


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