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Do Monkeys Tweet? by Melanie Walsk
Do Monkeys Tweet?
Melanie Walsh

Delightful board book teaches children about animal sounds and characteristics.

Twitter and Tweet: Bringing Home a Bird by Amanda Doering Tourville
Twitter and Tweet Amanda D. Tourville

This book teaches all the needed feeding, health and more tips to bring home a bird!

United Tweets of America by Hudson Talbott
United Tweets of America
Hudson Talbott

This parade of state birds will have readers of all ages laughing aloud.
The Story of Timothy Twitter by Margaret Alleyne
The Story of Timothy Twitter
Margaret Alleyne

Enter the magical, marvellous world of minuscule mouse Timothy Twitter.
Little Tweet by Charles Holloway
Little Tweet
Charles Holloway

Published in 1951, Little Tweet is the fun, unforgettable story of a circus calliope.

Twitter tweet...

if you think I'm talking about birds, you're behind the times. Twitter is a social networking site (yes, another one) which is somewhere between an RSS feed and a mini-blog, for the attention-span impaired. Basically, a user creates a profile with a brief (naturally) bit of information about themselves, then sets about choosing what other users to 'follow' on Twitter.

Users can update each other on everything from the mundane to the personal to the bizarre, all in neat 140 character packages (called 'Tweets'), and in some cases, hundreds of times per day. Some people are so jacked in to Twitter that they utilize a feature which enables Tweets to be sent directly to their mobile phones or PDAs. Twitter was founded in 2006, and already boasts roughly 6 million users. There are already plenty of books about Twitter, for those who would like to learn more, but they're rather dull.

Our preferred Twitter books are listed here. They all contain over 140 characters - even the coloring book. And with all that said, you can follow AbeBooks on Twitter for tweets on our latest articles, features, blog posts and contests!

Murder, My Tweet by Bruce Hale
Murder, My Tweet
Bruce Hale

Detective Chet Gecko and his associate, Natalie Attired, are led to a mystery involving blackmail and robots.

Mrs. Twitter, Animal Sitter by Donna Pape
Mrs. Twitter the Animal Sitter
Donna Pape

Meet Mrs. Twitter - an animal sitter who takes care of the most unusual animals!

Tweet, Ooompa, Bumpety-Boom by John Lithgow
Tweet, Oompa, Bumpety-Boom
John Lithgow

In this delightful volume, kids will discover how each musical instrument is unique in size, shape, features, and sound.
The Twitter Machine by Neil V. Smith
The Twitter Machine Neil V. Smith

This book provides an overview of modern theoretical linguistics, and manages to be both accessible and humorous.
Tweet Dreams by Raina Moore
Tweet Dreams
Raina Moore

A 96-page coloring and activity book featuring the plucky cartoon canary, Tweety Bird.