Vintage Movie Posters Worth More Than a Grand

Original movie posters remain one of the most vibrant sections of the entire vintage poster world. This selection shows 20 posters - from a lost 1919 train wreck film to a Clint Eastwood police thriller from 1971 - that are priced in excess of $1,000 due to a variety of factors, including age, scarcity, condition, and cultural and artistic significance. Some of these films are known to all movie-goers, while others are fading into obscurity. All the posters are special - do you have one?

"Some of the highest prices realized in this market have been for the posters of classic titles such as Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), The Black Cat (1934), Metropolis (1927) and The Phantom of the Opera (1924)," said specialist Hollywood memorabilia seller Walter Reuben, who offers 17 of the posters displayed above. "Historians, museums and galleries now feature these elusive posters which are wonderful examples of major art movements including Art Nouveau, Art Deco and mid-century modern design."

"The vintage original science fiction and monster movie posters from the 1950s are favorites because of their mid-century design and period colors. People remember these movies from their Saturday afternoon childhoods. Today, these posters, which in the past collectors of this genre preferred to keep in their used conditions - (if one could not find a pristine copy) - are more readily available than their 1930s predecessors, but they too are becoming scarce and expensive."

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