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The TentThe Tent by Margaret Atwood - Signed (2)
Margaret Atwood has penned a collection of fictional essays in the genre of Good Bones and Murder in the Dark punctuated with illustrations by the author. These vintage Atwood mini-fictions look at a broad range of subjects – from old photos of ourselves to reflecting the times we live in with deadly accuracy and knife-edge precision.

Neil Young NationNeil Young Nation by Kevin Chong (2)
Neil Young turned 60 in 2005. Kevin Chong turned 30. To celebrate these milestones, Chong sets off on a road trip in search of his boyhood hero. Crisscrossing the continent, he follows the route that led Young to become a musical legend. He meets rabid fans, talks to people who knew Young as a kid, and puzzles over Young’s strange, sometimes contradictory pronouncements.

David Suzuki: The AutobiographyDavid Suzuki: The Autobiography (4)
The second installment of Suzuki’s autobiography begins with the racism Suzuki experienced when he and his family were detained in an internment camp during World War II, describes his teenage years in southern Ontario, his college and postgraduate experiences in the US, and his career as a geneticist and later as the host of CBC’s The Nature of Things.

Teta, Mother and MeTeta, Mother and Me by Jean Said Makdisi (1)
Using unpublished family documents, the memories of friends and acquaintances, and histories of the region and period, Makdisi traces her family's personal story against the backdrop of political events as they take place in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and the United States. This intimate biography reveals the unsung private histories of three extraordinary women.

Flowers: How They Changed the WorldFlowers: How They Changed the World by William Burger (2)
The world would be a pretty drab place without flowers. Burger, the author of the acclaimed Perfect Planet, Clever Species, emphasizes the essential role that flowers play in life’s evolutionary scheme. Their colors and shapes represent a strategy for attracting insects and animals to help with pollination. He also points out flowers are a fundamental energy resource.

Concrete to Canvas: Skateboard ArtConcrete to Canvas: Skateboard Art by Jo Waterhouse & David Penhallow (1)
Michelangelo painted ceilings. Today, great artists are drawn to skateboards as both canvas and muse, another outlet for the creativity that has made skateboarding an influential part of today’s pop culture. This book brings together an impressive variety of skateboard art and features the hottest artists in the medium.

The Adventures of a Hollywood SecretaryThe Adventures of a Hollywood Secretary by Valeria Belletti & Cari Beauchamp (1)
This is an insider's view of the film studios of the 1920s and the first from a secretary's perspective. Rich in gossip, it is also an eyewitness report of Hollywood in transition. Valeria Belletti landed a job as Samuel Goldwyn's personal and social secretary and proceeded to trip over history in the making. Valeria's letters intimately portray a fascinating era.

WhyWhy? by Charles Tilly (1)
This is a book about the explanations we give and how we give them - a look at the way the reasons we offer every day are dictated by social relationships. Written in an easy-to-read style by social historian Charles Tilly, the book explores the manner in which people claim, establish, negotiate, repair, rework, or terminate relations with others through the reasons they give.

Tiger ForceTiger Force by Mitch Weiss & Michael Sallah (1)
At the start of the Vietnam War, an experimental fighting unit was created called Tiger Force featuring the cream of the American military. Their mission to seek out enemy compounds went terribly wrong. It collapsed into chaos and crime, and was covered up. Sallah and Mitch have revealed the last great secret of the Vietnam War.

President Kennedy Has Been ShotPresident Kennedy Has Been Shot by Susan Bennett, Cathy Trost (Editor), Dan Rather (Narrator) (1)
Relive the JFK assassination with the accounts of top reporters in text, photos, broadcasts and rare archival audio. On November 22, 1963, one of the most shocking events in history jolted a nation and signaled the end of an era. President Kennedy Has Been Shot tells the minute-by-minute story of the assassination and the dramatic days that followed.

The Mysterious Flame of Queen LoanaThe Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco (1)
Yambo, a rare book dealer in Milan, has lost his memory. He can remember the plot of every book he has ever read, but he no longer knows his own name, doesn't recognize his wife or his daughters, and remembers nothing about his parents or his childhood. In an effort to retrieve his past, he withdraws to the family home and struggles to find his past.

Writing on ArtWriting on Art Mark Rothko (2)
While the collected writings of many 20th century artists have been published, Mark Rothko’s writings have only recently come to light and Writings on Art fills this void; it includes some 90 documents - including short essays, letters, statements, and lectures - written by Rothko over the course of his career.

Every Book Its ReaderEvery Book Its Reader by Nicholas A Basbanes (2)
Inspired by a exhibition mounted by the British Museum in 1963 to celebrate five eventful centuries of the printed word, Nicholas Basbanes - the author of A Gentle Madness - examines writings that have "made things happen" in the world, works that have both nudged the course of history and fired the imagination of countless influential people.

Where Men HideWhere Men Hide by James B Twitchell (1)
This book is a spirited tour of the dark and often dirty places men go to find comfort, camaraderie, relaxation, and escape. Bars, barbershops, lodges, pool halls, strip clubs, garages, deer camps, and more come under the microscope. Ken Ross's striking photography and James Twitchell's analysis trace the evolution of these virtual caves, and asks why they are disappearing.

The Weather MakersThe Weather Makers by Tim Flannery (2)
In this groundbreaking book, Tim Flannery argues for the urgent need to address the implications of global climate change that is damaging all life on earth and endangering our very survival. This book outlines what each of us can do to avoid catastrophe and examines the deep political and industrial implications of our changing climate.

Rock VarnishRock Varnish by Barry Kennedy - signed (1)
Rock Varnish is a darkly comic romp about one man's awakening to a past that cannot be forgotten. The man - simply called Smith - recounts a year in the California desert; a year in an Oz-like America where truth may or may not hang out in communities gated against the outside world, in fast food joints, and in the company of a cast of cracked characters.

ElleElle: A Novel by Douglas Glover (2)
Douglas Glover develops a unique riff on the story of Marguerite de la Rocque, niece of the vicious Sieur de Roberval. Having caught her in the arms of her lover, Roberval sets the lustful pair and Marguerite’s nurse ashore on the desolate Isle of Demons. Months later, Marguerite is rescued by a passing ship and taken home to France. Of course, this is only the beginning.

Book LustBook Lust by Nancy Pearl (signed) (1)
Organized into more than 175 useful lists, this book satisfies any reader’s desire to find the right book for the right time. Recommendations range from ‘sex and the single reader’ to ‘Elvis on my mind.’ Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl has been in love with books from a young age and this book – and her librarian action figure model – has helped her to develop a nationwide following.

More Book LustMore Book Lust by Nancy Pearl (signed) (1)
The day after completing Book Lust, Nancy Pearl realized there were many books missing so she created another 120 entertaining lists of recommendations to capture any reader’s imagination. From ‘horror for cissies’ to ‘wayward wives, America’s favorite librarian comes up trumps once again with reads for every occasion.



Future Shop

Canon Power Shot digital camera - Courtesy of Future Shop (5)
Future Shop, with more than 115 locations from coast to coast, is Canada's largest national retailer and e-tailer of consumer electronics. The more than 10,000 employees are dedicated to providing consumers with expert service and offer the latest digital products including a wide selection of brand name televisions, computers, audio, entertainment software and hardware plus large and small appliances – all backed by a low price guarantee. The company is proudly committed to kids and communities, supporting non-profit organizations that help youth develop their skill set, discover their talents and sustain a lasting interest in education.

Sony BMG

Sony CD sets (3 CDs each - Da Vinci: Music From His Time, The 5 Browns - No Boundaries, Simply Summer) (50)
Sony Classical’s new collection Da Vinci – Music From His Time takes listeners inside the great music that flourished during da Vinci’s lifetime (1452-1519), at the height of the Renaissance. Drawing on definitive modern recordings from the Sony BMG Masterworks catalogue, the collection includes masterworks by composers who were the Bachs and Beethovens of their time – Josquin Desprez, Johannes Ockeghem, Alexander Agricola, Philippe Verdelot and many more.

No Boundaries, the 5 Browns’ all-new recording for RCA Red Seal, features the five piano virtuosos in a wide-ranging selection of music both familiar and rare. Highlighting the recording, which showcases the five playing together and in various combinations, premiere new five-piano transcriptions and music showcasing their extraordinary gifts individually and together with spellbinding transcriptions of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Stravinsky’s The Firebird as well as the new work Simple Gifts/Going Home – variations on Copland’s Shaker hymn Simple Gifts from Appalachian Spring and Dvorak’s Going Home theme from his Ninth Symphony.

Too much sun? Too much fun? Simply Summer chills you out with elegant performances of the finest classical music, carefully chosen and programmed to create a calm and soothing atmosphere for the summer season. Blissful Brahms. Delightful Debussy. Gorgeous Gershwin. At the beach, in the car, at an evening get-together with friends, or for a quiet afternoon on your own – this disc is the perfect musical companion to the gentle pleasures of summertime relaxation. Sit back, slide your feet into the warm sand, and let these peaceful classical melodies set the right mood. Simply serene. Simply splendid. Simply Summer.


TLD V7, 17” LCD monitor (1)
TLD Computers Inc. is a division of London Drugs Ltd., a privately held Western Canadian company. TLD Computers Inc., incorporated in 1983, has a mandate to provide the business, government and educational communities with quality Information Technology Solutions, Services and Product Procurement.

TLD’s strategy is fulfillment and logistics; solution services made up of consultation, planning, and implementation, as well as development and technical services. We currently offer infrastructure support, technical services, managed services, leasing and network security analysis, among many other services.

TLD’s longevity, experience, customer service focus and team approach have resulted in long term business partnerships and client satisfaction. Please contact TLD Computers Inc. today to discuss your Business needs! 1-888-933-9777
Solving Western Canada’s IT Business Challenges for Over 20 Years!!

2GB iPod Nano (7)

iPod shuffle (1)

USB memory stick (1)


Magazine Subscriptions


Utne - 1 year subscription (5)
Since 1984, readers have turned to Utne Magazine for coverage that includes everything from the environment and the economy to politics and pop culture – ideas that are just beginning to break through and trends that our culture is obsessing about. Or just about to! To prepare for each issue, our editors dive into 1,500 independent magazines, books, newsletters, ‘zines, blogs and web sites. Our editors also saturate themselves with hundreds of independent music and video sources. The best of what we find is preprinted and reviewed and stories that reflect trends just coming to light are written and appear as original work. Utne Magazine is a vital resource for people who want more that the mainstream media has to offer – and who are passionate about living at the forefront of progressive culture. Utne Magazine – Understanding the Next Evolution.

The New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books - 1 year subscription (5)
The New York Review of Books has been called the world’s most distinguished intellectual – and yet accessible – magazine. Each biweekly issue engages some of the world’s sharpest minds in the most passionate political and cultural controversies of the day, and reviews the most engrossing new books and the ideas that illuminate them.

It is the publication where the most important issues are discussed by writers who are themselves a major force in world literature and thought, including Russell Baker, John Banville, Elizabeth Bishop, J.M. Coetzee, Joan Didion, Robert Hughes, Paul Krugman, Alison Lurie, Daniel Mendelsohn, Joyce Carol Oates, Frank Rich, Luc Sante, Orville Schell, and John Updike. Every two weeks, these and other writers publish essays and reviews of books and the arts, including music, theater, dance, and film—from Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain to Fra Angelico’s paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And, they examine some of the most complex and divisive issues of the day - the Iraq war, Hamas’s election victory, global warming, NSA spying – in the strong, nonpartisan, informed, concerned voices uniquely found in the Review.

For more information or to subscribe to The New York Review of Books, visit

Mother Jones

Mother Jones - 1 year subscription (5)
Founded in 1976, Mother Jones is an independent, nonprofit magazine dedicated to first-rate investigative reporting. Winner of a 2001 National Magazine Award for general excellence, Mother Jones has been nominated for National Magazine Awards nine times and has won four times. Mother Jones has twice been named "best in the business" for investigative reporting by the American Journalism Review, and won the 2000 Alternative Press Award for general excellence. Visit Mother Jones on the web at

Book Page

Book Page - 1 year subscription (10)
BookPage, America’s Book Review, was founded in 1988. Our monthly publication provides avid readers with author interviews, columns, reviews and features about newly published books. We cover approximately 100 new titles in each issue, recommending the best books in every genre, including fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romance, audio books, children’s titles, cookbooks, history, memoirs and more. BookPage is available to readers free of charge in more than 3,000 bookstores and public libraries across the United States, and each issue is also archived on our website,

Fine Books & Collections

Fine Books & Collections - 1 year subscription (5)
Fine Books & Collections magazine explores the life, the lure, and the lore of the printed word. We cover the world of books like no other magazine, from the Gutenberg Bible to Harry Potter, and everything in between. Fine Books brings its readers profiles of collectors, booksellers, and libraries, along with stories by top-notch writers like Nicholas Basbanes and Paul Collins; news; commentary; and expert collecting advice. If you’re passionate about books, you’ll love spending a year (six issues) with Fine Books & Collections.

The New Yorker - 1 year subscription (5)


Rogers' Chocolates

Rogers' Chocolates (30)
A Tradition of Excellence
The first Rogers' Chocolates were made in 1885 by Charles W. (Candy) Rogers in the back of his grocery shop in Victoria. He quickly became a popular man.

Since then, people from all corners of the world have found their way to Rogers' Chocolates of Victoria. Everyone has their own private excuses to bring Rogers' Chocolates home with them.

Rogers' Rose Tin

A gift should be special inside and out. These collectable tins make lasting gifts. (Because we know what's inside never lasts long).

Choose from 1.4 lbs or just over 2/3 of a pound of Rogers' most popular chocolates - Victoria Creams, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Victoria Meltaways, Nougat, Marzipan and Caramels.

For more information on how to order products from Rogers’ Chocolates, visit their website at


Easy-Read Book stands (3)
Easy-read® is a revolutionary book holder that allows its user to read in real comfort without the aching hands and discomforts we usually experience holding our book open. It is made from the latest high quality ‘soft touch’ materials and has some key features that make it so unique.

It has a multi directional single leg stand that can be put into any position. This enables use on even and uneven surfaces such as bedclothes or outdoor surfaces like the beach or garden.

Easy-Read Book Light

It extends to fit most paper and hard backed books and allows quick and easy page turning with the transparent spring-loaded clips.

A free plastic sleeve is supplied with every easy-read. This converts it instantly into a document holder for your computer monitor for copying and typing.

Click the video link at and take a look at ‘introduction to easy-read’ to see how this product has remedied an age-old problem and will change your reading pleasure forever. No more aching hands and wrists!

In bed, on the beach, studying, in the workplace, in the kitchen and so many more ……


Golf accessory package - courtesy of TLD (1)
TLD Computers Inc. is a division of London Drugs Ltd., a privately held Western Canadian company. TLD Computers Inc., incorporated in 1983, has a mandate to provide the business, government and educational communities with quality Information Technology Solutions, Services and Product Procurement.

TLD’s strategy is fulfillment and logistics; solution services made up of consultation, planning, and implementation, as well as development and technical services. We currently offer infrastructure support, technical services, managed services, leasing and network security analysis, among many other services.

TLD’s longevity, experience, customer service focus and team approach have resulted in long term business partnerships and client satisfaction. Please contact TLD Computers Inc. today to discuss your Business needs! 1-888-933-9777
Solving Western Canada’s IT Business Challenges for Over 20 Years!!

Samsonite luggage (7)
400 Series / Samsonite® Aspire™ Lite Wheeled Tote, 700 Series / Silhouette® XL 8 Expandable Transport Tote, Stamina™ 19" Backpack, Stamina™ 25 Convertible Backpack/Duffle, Samsonite® Backpacks Swing Wrap Backpack

Levenger reading lamp (15)

Levenger reading light (25)

BedLounge reading pillow (1)

Bookseller Prize Sponsor


About Brodart

If you put “Brodart” into the keyword search on abebooks, you get 298,438 hits: “the book is brodarted”, “has Brodart cover”, and similar. The brand name, as a noun or adjective, has become a generic term for quality plastic book covers. The Oxford English Dictionary is even considering it for inclusion in their dictionary.

It all began in 1939. A Columbia University student named Arthur Brody washed the emulsion off some film and folded it around a book for added protection. The book jacket cover was born!

In those days rental libraries were popular, and their owner eagerly bought the “mylar” covers to protect their rental books from dirty fingers, water, moisture, smoke, ultra violet rays, spillage, and dust jacket tears, Today Brodart sells millions of plastic covers. For those who have not yet tried them, they have an Assortment Package of 100 covers of various sizes.

Soon Brodart added cleaners, displayers, tapes, and literally thousands of other products. It can be said that if a book needs it, Brodart has it.

Other divisions of Brodart make furniture, design automation systems, and supply books to libraries. They sell almost everything connected with books to booksellers and collectors…except the books. But 57 years later along came “Abe”, whose booksellers sell almost every kind of book.( Maybe “Abebooking” will become a synonym for “searching for books on the web.”)

So a relationship was born: AbeBooks supplies books, Brodart takes care of them.

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