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Forget Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson. Here is a selection of 100% Aussie cookbooks Ė some old (including several shockers from the 1970s), some new, some from famous cooks, some from obscure ones. Celebrate the finest Australian cuisine with 25 cookery books written by a diverse group including TV chefs of past and present, a politician, a cricketer, 14 beauty queens from 1971, a convict and many restaurateurs.

100% Aussie Cookbooks

Recipes Made With Bread

Recipes Made With Bread

Northern Bakeries published this somewhat one-dimensional gem in 1953.

The AFL Cookbook

The AFL Cookbook

Published in 1998, some hard-hitting recipes from the big names of Aussie Rules.

Jack Absalomís Barbecue Cookbook

Jack Absalom's Barbecue Cookbook

Published in 1988, tasty recipes from this artist and adventurer, including Kangaroo Tail Soup.

Don Dunstan's Cookbook

Don Dunstan's Cookbook

Published in 1976, recipes from the former South Australian Premier.
Esther Dean's Garden Cookbook

Esther Deanís Garden Cookbook

Published in 1978, Esther Dean helped pioneer 'No Dig Gardening.'

Tales and Recipes from a Travelling Cook by Iain Hewitson

Tales and Recipes from a Travelling Cook
Iain Hewitson

Two hundred recipes from this New Zealand-born restaurateur and TV personality.
Edna's Table Cookbook

Edna's Table Cookbook

Published in 1998, a hundred recipes from a famous Sydney restaurant.

The PMWU Centenary Cookbook 1904-2004

The PMWU Centenary Cookbook 1904-2004

Thatís the Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union and you know those ladies can cook.

Noosa: The Cookbook

Noosa: The Cookbook

From 1998, a cookbook featuring more than 30 recipes from Noosa's best restaurants.
Honey Cookbook by Peter Russell-Clarke

Honey Cookbook

Peter Russell-Clarke

Russell-Clarke celebrates the oldest sweetener known to man in this 1995 no-nonsense book.
Miss Australia Cookbook

Miss Australia Cookbook

Published in 1971, a recipe book that sexual equality forgot Ė recipes from 14 entrants to Miss Australia.
Bernard King's Autumn Cookbook

Bernard King's Autumn Cookbook

If only today superstar chefs dressed like Mr King did in 1977.

The Terrace Times Bicennential Cookbook by Helen Arbib

The Terrace Times Bicennential Cookbook

Helen Arbib

Arbib's favourite'Minimum Effort Maximum Effect' recipes culled from earlier books.

The Busy Woman's Cookbook by Ellen Sinclair

The Busy Womanís Cookbook
Ellen Sinclair

A retro-classic from 1972, sadly you donít see cooks in kaftans anymore.
Gabriel Gate's Television Recipes

Gabriel Gaté's

Published in 1992, more than 150 recipes from Gabriel Gate.

Doug Aiton's Proof of the Pudding

Doug Aiton's Proof Of The Pudding

Another early 1990s cookbook, this time from the drive-time radio host.

The Tasmanian Convict Recipe Book by Bessie Baldwin

The Convict Recipe Book
Bessie Baldwin

Ex-con Baldwin cooked for the Governor of Tasmania in the mid-19th century.

The Chefs of Syndey by Marie Wilson

The Chefs of Sydney
Marie Wilson

A collection of recipes from Sydney’s top chefs back in 1991.
Best Loved Recipes From Charmaine Solomon

Best Loved Recipes From Charmaine Solomon

A collection of articles written for the Sydney Morning Herald and the National Times.
Red Cross Jam Recipe Book by Mrs. F. Allen Box

Red Cross Jam Recipe Book

Mrs. F. Allen Box

A cookbook for jam fans, published in 1978 by the Australian Red Cross.
Mumma's Kitchen: Recipes and Reminiscences by Helen Addison-Smith

Mumma's Kitchen: Recipes and Reminiscences
Helen Addison-Smith

Stories and recipes from some of Australiaís best known foodies.
Tony Bilson's Recipe Book

Tony Bilson's Recipe Book

Published in 1987, lots of French-themed recipes from this famous chef and restaurateur.
The Australian Brand Name Recipe Cookbook

The Australian Brand Name Recipe Cookbook

From 1992, more than 500 recipes featuring famous food brands.
The Matthew Hayden Cookbook

The Matthew Hayden Cookbook

Cricketing legend Hayden once hit 382 in a Test match for Australia and can cook too.
The Blue Ribbon Cookbook

The Blue Ribbon Cookbook. Recipes from prizewinning country show cooks

Liz Harfull

Runner-up in the Best Easy Recipe Book category at the 2009 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

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