A Short History of Tractors in UkrainianMark your calendars! Here you'll find a reading schedule to keep you on track while reading A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian. Please remember that this is only a guide - if you can't put the book down, don't!

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January - February

Date Schedule Discussion Questions
January 17 - 25 Order your copy of A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian from one of our AbeBooks booksellers.

• How would you react if you felt a friend of family member was marrying the wrong person?

January 25 - 31 Read the first third of the book, chapters 1 - 9.

• What do you think Valentina’s real intentions are? Do you feel sympathy for her?
• What do you learn about Nadia's father and his outlook on life from his book on tractors?
• Why do you think Nikolai is drawn to Valentina? Compare his motivations to Valetina's.

February 1 - 7 Read the second third of the book, chapters 10 - 19.

• How are sisters Vera and Nadia different? How do they define themselves and each other?

February 8 - 15

Finish reading the novel. Make sure to check in at the forums if you haven't already!

Order your copy of Alan Brennert's Moloka'i, the next Avid Reader Book Club Pick.

• Revisit scenes from the novel from Stanislaw's point of view. Who would you have trusted?
• Compare the ways different characters react to and try to describe Valentina. Who do you agree with?
• How would you define Nikolai's book about tractors? Is it a history, a memoir, or something else?