Members of the Advisory Group were asked to review the Browse Categories and provide suggestions for additions and updates. We're still investigating some the suggestions, but will be making the following changes within the next few weeks.

Name Changes

Old Name New Name
Juvenile Children's
Computers Computers and the Internet
Foreign Language Study Language Study
Topography Geography
Psychology Psychology & Psychiatry
Social Science > Gay Studies Social Science > Gay & Lesbian Studies
Fiction > Gay Fiction > Gay & Lesbian
Biography & Autobiography > Composers & Musicians Biography & Autobiography > Musicians and Composers
Gardening > Techniques Gardening > How-to and Techniques


We're adding the following sub-categories to the Browse list.

  • Art > Multimedia
  • Art > Modern
  • Comics & Graphic Novels > Animé
  • Children's Fiction > Nursery & Nursery Rhymes
  • Children's Fiction > Family > Family Diversity
  • Fiction > Popular
  • Fiction > Science Fiction > Steampunk
  • Fiction > Thriller > Crime Thriller, Legal Thriller, Medical Thriller, Political Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Spy Thriller
  • Fiction > Romance > Harlequin
  • Fiction>Romance > Religious/Inspirational
  • Gardening > Flowers > Wildflowers
  • Gardening > Cacti and Succulents
  • History > African-American
  • History > Military > Civil War
  • History > Maritime
  • Medical > Women's Health
  • Medical > Men's Health
  • Music > Criticism

Q: Where can I view the new Category list?

A: These new categories aren't live yet as we're still working on translations for the other Abebooks languages. You can see the categories list from 2 places in the Members Menu.

Sign on to your account and select [Your Books] in the Members Menu, and then [List and maintain your books]. Do a search for any of your books, and then select one using the checkboxes to the left of the listings in the results. Click the [Categorize] button at the top of the page, and the new category list will be displayed. Click the [+] symbols to view sub-categories.

Or, sign on to your account and select [Downloads] in the Members Menu. Then, click [Download Abebooks Browse Categories List]. You can view the entire list by clicking the category names, and you have the option to download a copy of the list.