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Q: How will the new tools benefit me?

A: The new search refinements will make results more accurate, and buyers will be able to narrow them down to find exactly what they want. Book lovers love to browse, and buyers who are unsure about which book they're looking for will be able to browse through your specialties to find hidden treasures. Making it easier for people to find books means they're more likely to buy, which benefits everyone, especially Abebooks booksellers.

Q: Can I continue to catalog my books the same way I do now?

A: Our new standardized codes use terms that are meaningful to buyers when they're searching, and your listings will still be completely unique and customizable. We'll still display your quality descriptions with all of your listings.

Here's an example. You may use the condition VG+, which isn't one of our codes. You can tell us that you want all of your VG+ listings searchable under the "Very Good" refinement. When a buyer narrows their results to just "Very Good" books, your books will be found. Plus, your "VG+" will still show up in your individual listing, unaltered, exactly as you entered it. Your listings will still be unique, and you get to tell us exactly where you want them to be found in the search results.

Q: Will the introduction of these new tools have an impact on Web site functions?

A: Our quality assurance team is already putting the new tools and features through rigorous testing, and our operations team has prepared all of our servers and systems that interact with the new tools. That being said, it's important to tnote that these new tools don't touch or affect our book listings database or our site stability.

Almost all of the new tools will be available to smaller groups of booksellers first, so any changes that need to be made will be implemented before all booksellers have access.