The best inventory management software available to booksellers is about to get even better.

New Features

  • Real time inventory management: HomeBase 3.0 will automatically send listings and wants to Abebooks as they’re entered or edited with no need to e-mail or FTP files. The FTP option will be retained to accommodate users who don’t want to be online when they work. You may still export a listings or wants file and e-mail it as an attachment via your e-mail program if they choose.
  • Multi-select: Up to 100 listings or wants may be selected and edited/deleted at once. For example, if you realized you mis-typed an author's name on 5 listings, you could select them all and make the update once, and the edit would be applied to all 5 listings.
  • Improved Price Partner: Price Partner is built into HomeBase 3. Booksellers may select a sub-set of their listings and increase or decrease prices by a fixed amount or a percentage on only the selected listings. They can also update all selected listings to the same price.
  • ISBN LookUp: ISBN LookUp will now return more than one result if we have several matches to the ISBN in our database. The bookseller can choose the best match from the list. In addition, many more fields may be returned by ISBN LookUp.
  • Quantity: If you have more than one copy of a book, you can use the quantity field and we'll automatically decrement the quantity online when a book is sold; no more manually re-listing!
  • More Import Options: HomeBase 3.0 can import almost any type of file, so getting set up is easy.


The first round of testing will start out with a small number of booksellers and we'll gradually expand the group. Each bookseller will be provided with a link to a survey to provide their feedback, and we'll update the software as bugs are discovered or as improvements are suggested.


One of the first things you'll notice about HomeBase 3 is its sleek new design. Get your first peek here!

Find Listing Screen

Add Listing Screen

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm using HomeBase 2.3. Do I have to switch to HomeBase 3.0?

A: If you're using HomeBase 2.3, you can continue to use it if you would prefer to; however, we encourage you to consider making the switch. If the multi-edit feature, additional fields, and new look don't convince you, the improved ISBN LookUp and PricePartner will. You'll also have easy access to the improved search refinements and the Abebooks Browse Categories.

Q: What is a beta-test? How will the HomeBase beta test work?

A: Beta software is a version of a program that has been through full testing by the software developers (in this case our Quality Assurance team), but hasn't been released to the general public yet. It's impossible for the software developers to anticipate everything a user will do with the software and everything else the user might have on their computer, so the software developers send the software to a group of users who will use the software to work out any remaining problems. It's kind of a "dress rehearsal" for a select audience!

For the HomeBase 3.0 beta-test, we've asked the Advisory Group for volunteers, and then have selected a small group of booksellers to start testing. We'll provide one-on-one support for these booksellers, a survey for them to provide their feedback, and updates on the current status of the program. These booksellers will be able to use HomeBase 3.0 to manage their inventory in real time! If you're interested, sign up for the Advisory Group now, because we'll be looking for more beta-testers for a larger group soon.

Q: Will there be a new version of PricePartner too?

A: PricePartner is built right into HomeBase 3.0, and there are several upgrades. You can select a sub-set of your listings or all of them and then increase or decrease the price by a fixed amount or a percentage. You can also update all selected listings to the same price.

Q: Are there any changes to ISBN LookUp?

A: Yes. If there is more than one listing for an ISBN in our database, we'll display all of them so you can select which one is the book you have on hand. ISBN LookUp will also return information in more fields.

Q: Can I upload my pictures using HomeBase 3.0?

A: No. We're still investigating adding this feature in future versions of HomeBase, but it hasn't been developed for version 3.0. You can continue to upload your photos through FTP or the Members Menu.

Q: Do I have to use the real-time updates?

A: No. The real-time update feature is optional, and you can choose to work offline if you prefer, and even set a preference to always work offline. At the end of your session, you go online to send your changes, just as you do now with FTP.

Q: Are there any changes to Invoices in HomeBase 3.0?

A: Because HomeBase is primarily an inventory management program, most of the improvements you'll see relate to the Listings tools and features.

Some of the features for invoices include: you can choose whether taxes are included in your book prices or not, and the system wil automatically calculate sub-totals and totals for you; your tax registration number is optional for display on your invoices; the payment methods displayed are the acceptable ones you've set as preferences in HomeBase; and you can re-size and re-position the invoice columns.

Q: Will HomeBase 3.0 work on a Mac computer?

A: HomeBase 3.0 is compatible with Windows computers only. Mac users who have virtual PC installed or who are using a newer intel-based Mac with Windows installed should be able to use HomeBase 3.0.

Q: Will I still be able to upload to other Web sites using HomeBase 3.0?

A: Yes. You can export your listings in many different formats, such as tab-, tild-, or pipe-delimited files; UIEE, and more.