We're introducing new and improved inventory management tools over the next few months. These tools give you more options to make it easier for buyers to find your books. You can learn about each individual tool by clicking for more information below, or you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


HomeBase® 3.0

HomeBase 3.0

The best inventory management software available to booksellers is about to get even better: the HomeBase 3.0 beta-test has already begun. [Learn more about the program and how to become a tester.]


Abebooks Browse Categories

Abebooks Categories and Browse

We've launched a new Browse to buyers that includes expanded sub-category navigation and thousands of additional subjects . [Find out how to participate and more about Categories and Browse.]

Current Status: We've implemented the adds and updates the Advisory Group suggested for the category list. You can see the new Browse from the homepage.

Search Refinements

Buyer Search Attributes

In order to make search more accurate and to introduce more refinements so buyers can find exactly the book they're looking for, we're introducing standardized codes for many attributes. You can view some of these (Condition, Signed, etc.) in the online inventory management system, and you'll get a sneak peak in the HomeBase 3.0 beta test. There will be a full launch in the fall for all booksellers. [Read more.]

Current Status: We've surveyed the Advisory Group and Customer Advisory Board and have implemented their changes to our search refinements list.

Custom Conversions

If we've built a custom conversion for your files, we'll have tools in place to help you map your fields to ours this fall. More information will be coming out over the next few months, so watch your inbox for details. [Find answers to your FAQs.]

Current Status: More information will be available soon. Make sure to check back and read your Bookseller Bulletins!

Online Listings Manager

Online Inventory Management System

Categorization tools and multi-edit are available to all booksellers through our online listings manager. Coming up: more features will be added to make our online tools more like HomeBase 3.0.

Current Status: Categorization tools and multi-edit are available today!

Advisory Group

Advisory Group

We'll be asking the Advisory Group for feedback on products like these over the next few months, and smaller user-testing groups will be drawn from AG members, too. If you aren't already a member, sign up now!