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Rare Book Room

From scarce first editions to sought-after signatures, AbeBooks' booksellers offer a fascinating array of rare, valuable, and highly collectible books - here are some of the most current rare books features:


Authors Corner

AbeBooks has had the opportunity to speak with some of the world's most popular and influential authors - get up close and personal with some of your favorite authors here:

Roundtable Schedule

Our monthly Roundtable Event with Hannes Blum, President and CEO of AbeBooks and our Account Management team of Shaun, Eric, Sienna and Marc, is now hosted live in our Bookseller Community Forums "Chat" room. Join them, along with other booksellers and the occasional special guest, in a lively interactive discussion on topics of interest to AbeBooks booksellers. We enjoy talking with you and encourage you to join us for these discussions! Please note that if you cannot make the times posted, you can read the transcripts from these Chats in Roundtable Event folder in our Forums after each event.

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