Effective April 28, 2008, AbeBooks will implement several changes to our fee structure. Details of these changes are outlined below.

For further information, please see our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Subscription Fees: These will remain unchanged with the exception of a fee increase starting April 28th for sellers with more than 50,000 listings. It requires significant time and resources to manage sellers with very large inventories hence this change.

Number of listings

Monthly fee in US Dollars

Monthly fee in GB Pounds

Monthly fee in Euro

50,001 - 100,000




100,001 - 150,000




150,001 - 500,000








Commission Fees: Starting April 28th, our 8% commission fee will apply to the total item amount, consisting of the book price + shipping charges + extra charges. This change is for several reasons. Undoubtedly, this will help increase our revenues. These increases will, however, be offset to some extent by escalating infrastructure and online marketing costs. In addition, our customer feedback indicates buyers are unhappy with unusually high shipping costs. We want to avoid the negative buyer experience created by very low book prices that are subsidized by higher shipping charges.

Starting April 28th, orders with a total item value greater than US $500, sold on AbeBooks.com and AbeBooks.co.uk, will be subject to a new, lower credit card payment service fee. The first $500 of the order will be subject to current fee of 5.5%; the remaining portion of the order will be subject to a reduced fee of 3.5%. The payment service fee for orders on AbeBooks.fr, AbeBooks.de and IberLibro.com will remain 3.5% for the entire order.

For instance, if an order worth US $700 is sold through AbeBooks.com or AbeBooks.co.uk, AbeBooks will charge 5.5% on $500 and then 3.5% on $200. If an order worth US $700 is sold through AbeBooks.fr, AbeBooks.de or IberLibro.com, AbeBooks will charge 3.5% on the full amount.

The goal of this change is to encourage more high-value transactions through AbeBooks and to give high-value booksellers a reduction in fees.

Payment service fees for orders less than $500 in total value will remain unchanged. Booksellers will continue to have the option of offering alternative payment methods, such as check or money order, and no processing fee will apply to these transactions.

Credit Card Processing: In approximately three months (not on April 28th) AbeBooks will begin offering a number of new payment card options to buyers and we will be eliminating the option for all credit card purchases via Seller Direct. As part of the ongoing requirements to remain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant (PCI DSS), we are now required to discontinue the transmission of all credit card information to our booksellers. We will provide a transition date as soon as the development work for this change has been completed.

New Bookseller Agreement: Effective April 28, 2008 (PDT), the AbeBooks Agreement dated April 3, 2006 will be automatically amended by being replaced with a new AbeBooks Agreement dated April 28, 2008. Changes include revisions to the AbeBooks Program Guide and Fee Schedules. The new agreement can be viewed in detail in Bookseller Central. View the New Agreement.

It's not necessary to sign the new Agreement; it will automatically apply to all current AbeBooks booksellers who continue to list their books with AbeBooks after April 28, 2008.