Motivated by finding lower prices, millions of students year-after-year come to AbeBooks to buy their new and used textbooks.  Textbooks have now become the fastest growing segment of our marketplace.  We are committed to having our student customers find the right textbooks for their classes, at great prices, and to ensure that they receive them from our valued booksellers in a timely manner. -Marc Fournet, Textbooks Account Manager

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Whenever AbeBooks is making changes, planning site maintenance or experiencing technical difficulties, we do our very best to keep our bookseller community informed with updates. Use the links on the right to stay up-to-date with current statuses and upcoming changes.

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Textbook Season can be a challenging time.  We all want to ensure that buyers have a positive experience when placing a textbook order.  If you encounter any issues managing your inventory, processing orders, or responding to buyer inquiries within 2 business days, Abebooks is here to help you find a resolution.  Please do not hesitate to contact AbeBooks Customer Support via phone or email.    The links to the right will bring you to right to the Contact Customer Service page and some valuable tips that will help you maintain a high completion rate.

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Did you know that clearly-identified International Editions are permitted for sale on AbeBooks, and that labelling them as such (no abbreviations) will highlight these listings in search? The links to the right will bring you to detailed information regarding important AbeBooks policies and a wide range of tools designed to help you better manage your bookseller account.

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Textbook Central is the one-stop shop for students looking for your books each semester. Through online and offline initiatives, campus promotions and more, we are working to make AbeBooks the definitive name in textbook-shopping.

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Students are a unique set of buyers: they're searchers and not browsers, and speed and price play key roles in purchasing decisions. Want your buyers coming back next semester? Check out our textbook season tips.

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