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The Story of Art [What are LibraryThing tags?]

Editor's Pick

Picasso & Lump: A Daschund's Odyssey

David Douglas Duncan

Picasso & Lump

A book that offers an uncommonly sensitive portrait of Picasso, Lump was immortalized in a Picasso portrait painted on a plate the day they met, but that was just the beginning. In a suite of 45 paintings reinterpreting Velazquez's masterpiece Las Meninas, Picasso replaced the impassive hound in the foreground with jaunty renderings of Lump. Fifteen of those paintings are reproduced here in full color, juxtaposed with Duncan's dramatic and intimate black-and-white photographs of Picasso and Lump, bringing full circle the odyssey of a fortunate dachshund who found his way from reluctant road warrior to furry and elongated icon of modern art.

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